Chartreuse Plants For A Gorgeous Lime Green Garden

Bright green shrubs and plants in a garden
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Gardeners who enjoy bright colors in plants that set off the flowers and foliage of others should consider lime green foliage plants. Bright green plants brighten dark corners and help flatter other tones. The hue is such a cheery one, injecting light into drab garden beds. Chartreuse colored plants illuminate the garden, casting a warm, sunny glow on everything around them.

The intense hue of the interior of a kiwi is a fun color to add to the garden. Chartreuse evergreen plants add year around color, while deciduous varieties perk up spring and summer displays. Consider adding lime green border plants to set off larger specimens in the back or to delineate the edges of garden beds. The eye popping color of chartreuse is a wonderful foil for more mundane hues and it grabs the attention, making any plant in this tone stand out.

Easy Lime Accents For Beds, Borders, Baskets

Annual plants are a great way to begin to incorporate chartreuse into the garden color scheme. One of the easiest to grow is the trailing sweet potato vine. These tuberous plants thrive in full sun, with well drained soil. Their pointed, heart- shaped leaves play nicely among other annual foliage and flowers. A variety of Nicotiana, aptly named "Lime Green," is a brilliant example of chartreuse flowers. "Benarys Giant Lime" Zinnia produces huge blooms in that characteristic hue. There are several species of Coleus that boast chartreuse streaks and marks, and a variety of Iresine, called "Blazin Lime." "Crystal Palace Gem" geranium has etched lime leaves with dark, magenta flowers. Amongst the perennial flowers there is no shortage of lime green plants. A variety of Echinacea, as well as a Hellebore, Hosta, and Heuchera come with those bright green notes. You can’t go wrong with Euphorbia, whose lime green blooms attract bees and other pollinators.

Chartreuse Bushes

The dimension of larger lime green plants is useful as an accent and focal point for the eye. Goldmound Spirea is an outstanding and easy to grow bush that has bright green leaves and pretty flowers. Spirea also offers "Goldflame," "Gold Elf," and "Lime Glow." Another easy to grow plant is the vividly colored "Golden Rocket," a barberry. Bright citrus lime leaves arch out from the ninebark, "Darts Gold." A smaller version is "Tiny Gold." A partial shade lover, "Little Honey," is an oakleaf hydrangea, useful for brightening dark spaces. Wonderful texture and dimension is produced by the Sambucus "Lemony Lace." "Funshine" Abelia combines the bright green foliage with peachy orange leaves. The Abelia "Francis Mason" is an evergreen plant that sports beautifully scented, tubular, white flowers. Nandina "Lemon Lime" is perfect for a sunny spot.

Other Best of Show

A really standout plant in any color, the smoke bush has elegant leaves and form, combined with wispy flowers. "Golden Spirit" is one variety with deep chartreuse leaves. It can tend to burn in full sun, so a morning light location is best. "Hedgerow Gold" is a dogwood with etched gold leaves and red stems. Ornamental grasses are often a great way to bring in the lime green hues. Hakonechloa grass is a waterfall or delicate gold foliage. Acorus "Ogon" will slowly spread by rhizomes to create a lush ground cover. Any of these plants will be impactful additions to the garden, containers, baskets, and borders.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.