Must Have Tools For Garden And Lawn Care

By Heather Rhoades

Many first time homeowners are uncertain what kinds of tools and equipment they need to create a beautiful landscape and maintain a great lawn. While the kinds of tools will, of course, vary with the size of the property being maintained, there are a number of tools that every homeowner should have on hand. Having the right tools can make any task easier, and these essential tools can help to save both time and labor, certainly an important consideration for the new homeowner.

Must Have Tools for Garden and Lawn

Here are some of the most common tools and equipment necessary for maintaining beautiful lawns and gardens.

Choosing a Lawn Mower

Among the most essential of all tools for the homeowner is a good quality lawn mower. Whether that lawn mower is a traditional push mower, a self-propelled walk behind mower or a riding mower is up to you, and in many cases, this decision will be based on the size of the property. Those with large lots may want to look into the time-saving benefits of a riding mower, while those with smaller areas to maintain may be just fine with an inexpensive push mower. Options like mulchers and baggers can be great time savers as well.

When shopping for a lawn mower, it’s a good idea to purchase the best mower you can afford. A quality lawn mower should be an investment in the appearance of your lawn, and a well-made mower can last for many years. There are many options when it comes to lawn mowers, and it pays to shop around carefully before making a decision.

Choosing a Weed Eater

A weed eater is another must have tool for the homeowner. These handy little machines can cut your household workload a great deal, and if you don’t already have one, chances are you will be in the market for one soon. Weed eaters are the perfect choice for those hard to reach places where the lawn mower will not reach. Every home has these nooks and crannies, and using a weed eater sure beats pulling those weeds out by hand and hand trimming hedges and other tight spots.

When shopping for a weed eater, it’s a good idea to consider the weight of the unit as well as the power and the cost. While a powerful weed eater may be great for making short work of weeds, it may also be quite heavy to carry around. It’s a good idea to look for a balance between power and weight, and to lift each unit to make sure it will be comfortable enough to carry around.

Other Tools You Need

In addition to the lawn mower and weed eater, every homeowner should have an assortment of good quality tools on hand for working around the house. These tools include shovels and rakes. Those who plan to start a garden will also need to look for some quality gardening tools, including trowels and perhaps a bulb planter. A well stocked garden shed is one of the best ways to get the maximum enjoyment out of your new hobby.

Garden Gloves

Gardeners and homeowners will both want to invest in a good set of garden gloves. Gardening gloves can take the pain out of common household chores like pulling weeds, planting shrubs and the like by helping to prevent blisters from forming and keeping the hands safe from thorns, briars and other hazards. It’s a good idea to look for a quality garden glove and to make sure that the glove fits properly. A well fitting set of gloves will provide the maximum comfort and protection.

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