Thanksgiving In The Garden – Creating A Backyard Thanksgiving Dinner

Backyard Thanksgiving Dinner Table Full Of Food And Decor
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Thanksgiving marks a time of togetherness with friends and family. Though the holiday has more traditional roots related to the harvest of crops, it is now celebrated as a time in which we gather with loved ones to reflect and give thanks. It is only natural that many home gardeners may wish to create a memorable Thanksgiving dinner that includes garden inspired décor, as well as fruits and vegetables from their own growing space. 

While this notion may not be realistic for everyone, there are still several ways to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner outdoors. Learning more about the steps needed to curate a special backyard Thanksgiving dinner is certain to help party planners create an event that is sure to be remembered. 

Celebrating Thanksgiving Outside

When it comes to Thanksgiving ideas, outdoors and the fall season can be a great source of inspiration. Before planning to have Thanksgiving dinner outdoors, consider climate. While November weather is quite comfortable in many regions of the United States, it may simply be too cold in others. 

Those celebrating Thanksgiving outside may need to plan for the event to be held early in the day or even have sources of warmth available for guests. Items such as wool blankets, outdoor heaters, and outdoor fireplaces may be especially useful in keeping warm as well as contributing to the overall ambiance of the event. 

Selection of site is key to a successful backyard Thanksgiving dinner. While it may be tempting to plan a tablescape near brightly colored trees or other ornamental spaces, these places may also cause annoyance from insects or falling leaves. For the best experience, choose locations such as covered or screened porches. 

It will also be essential to consider the need for additional lighting. String lights and candles of various types are often a good choice. 

If Thanksgiving in the garden is not an option, there are still endless possibilities in terms of bringing the outdoors inside. Among these is the focus on fresh, local ingredients. Many suggest making a visit to the local farmer’s market during this time. Growers at the market can often suggest interesting ways to use sustainably grown produce on the Thanksgiving table. 

Tablescapes inspired by Thanksgiving in the garden are always a popular choice. From garlands of leaves to wreaths and décor made from squash and gourds, an autumn inspired color scheme is sure to please guests and evoke feelings of warmth and happiness.

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has transformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel