Mother’s Day Flower Ideas – Beautiful Flowers To Get For Mom

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Each year, Americans spend a tremendous amount of money on fresh flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day. While traditional Mother’s Day flowers can be quite beautiful, they can also be expensive. In addition to this, the imported flowers may quickly begin to die in their vase.

Exploring Mother’s Day flower ideas that are both creative and long-lasting is another option. Using flowers for Mother’s Day in interesting ways is sure to leave quite an impression.

Flowers to Get for Mom

Traditional Mother’s Day flowers commonly consist of blooms that have been shipped thousands of miles. Instead, consider sourcing flowers from local farmers. Local specialty cut-flower farmers are guaranteed to have blooms that are fresh, beautiful, and will have a much longer vase life. Additionally, the decision to buy locally will help to support the community and small businesses.

Mother’s Day floral arrangements may also be assembled according to flower meaning. In doing so, florists are able to create fun, colorful bouquets that better tell a story of love and appreciation for the recipient. Common flowers to get for mom include:

More traditional Mother’s Day flowers, like roses, are symbolic of gratitude. Tulips are often used to represent happiness. Their bright, cheerful colors further embrace a sense of warmth. While carnations and lilies can represent purity and faith, other flowers further serve to symbolize motherhood. Popular gerbera daisy blooms are said to represent beauty, while gladiolus flowers pay tribute to a mother’s strength of character.

Those looking for Mother’s Day flower ideas need not worry if a flower arrangement is not ideal. Since Mother’s Day floral arrangements are fleeting, why not choose a more permanent gift? The purchase of potted plants for the garden is another popular option.

Choosing perennial plants for the garden can be a significant way to give a gift that returns every year. Popular perennial plant gifts include hydrangeas, daylilies, and even flowering trees. These, too, may have symbolic meaning. Daylilies, for example, represent motherhood in many cultures.

For those who are more adventurous, the creation of one-of-kind custom containers for their loved one can make a simple gift much more special. These potted containers make an excellent gift for moms with limited space too.

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