Solar Outdoor Shower Info: Learn About Different Types Of Solar Showers

Solar Outdoor Shower
solar shower
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We all want a shower when we get out of the pool. It’s needed sometimes to remove that chlorine aroma and those of other chemicals used to keep the pool clean. A refreshing, warm shower is just the ticket. Enthusiastic gardeners and those that do yard work professionally may also prefer getting a shower outside on those hot, sticky summer days. Why not try a solar shower to clean off?

What is a Solar Shower?

Sometimes, it gets complicated when running the hot water lines to the pool area and it can be expensive too. Have you considered the more inexpensive installation of a solar outdoor shower? Depending on how many people will shower in a short period of time, these showers can hold enough water for several people to get clean. It’s all heated up for free by the sun.

All in all, solar-powered showers are installed and used more cheaply than a traditional shower in the bathhouse. There are several types of solar showers to fit your needs. Some are even portable. Installing an outdoor solar shower is much less expensive than taking the route of heating all your indoor water by the sun.

Solar Outdoor Shower Info

A few are DIY creations that can be made as simple as you like, or for those with more experience, you could even add luxury features. Many are built using inexpensive, repurposed materials.

Solar showers can have a frame or be frameless, allowing you to build your own DIY enclosure. The size of a water storage tank determines how many showers are available. Water storage can be as simple as a reusable plastic bag, like for those you take on camping trips. More stationary creations use a plastic tank. How much water it holds depends on how many showers you can get while the water stays hot.

Several kits include everything you need for the basics of putting in an outdoor solar shower. Research these carefully before purchase to see which will best fit your needs and price range.

Becca Badgett

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