Decorating with Pinecones – Crafty Things To Do With Pinecones

Decorative Christmas Pine Cones With White Edges
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Pinecones are nature's way of safekeeping the seeds of conifer trees. Designed to be both rugged and long-lasting, crafters have repurposed these uniquely shaped seed storage containers into a number of inspirational DIY pinecone crafts. Whether you're looking for fun things to do with pinecones this holiday season or elegant pinecone decorating ideas, this round-up of DIY pinecone crafts is sure to spark your imagination. 

Decorating with Pinecones

  • Wreaths – This classic pinecone décor is sure to add a touch of wintry warmth to the house or office. Try wiring pinecones together to form a wreath or simply add them to a prefab one. Dust the pinecones with craft snow for a rustic design or use metallic spray paint for a fashionable look. 
  • Holiday centerpiece – Pinecone decorating ideas for the tabletop are endless. Use a mix of candles, ornaments, pinecones, and branches to create a unique centerpiece.
  • Garland – String your own pine branches together to form garland or pick up the artificial kind at the local craft store. Then wire clusters of small pinecones, ribbons, and ornaments to the strands. Wrap the garland around the stair railing, drape it over the mantle, or tack it around the door frame for a warm and welcoming way of decorating with pinecones. 
  • Ornaments – These crafty tree trimming decorations are one of the most popular things to do with pinecones. Add a touch of craft snow and a bow for an elegant pinecone ornament or glue multicolored pompoms between the scales to make fun and festive ones. Try soaking pinecones in a bleach solution to lighten their natural color.
  • Topiary – Pick up a Styrofoam ball or cone-shape from your local craft store and use hot glue to adhere the pinecones to the surface. This elegant looking pinecone décor can be placed in planters around the house, set on the fireplace mantle, or used as a centerpiece for the holiday table.

Fun Things to Do with Pinecones 

  • Kissing ball – Using the same technique as the topiary, create a whimsical hanging kissing ball from pinecones. Be sure to add a sprig of mistletoe for an extra bit of holiday fun.
  • Pinecone figurines – Don't limit yourself to the all-too-familiar pinecone turkey. With a little felt, craft glue, and a bit of creativity, anyone can make these kid-friendly DIY pinecone crafts. Need inspiration? Try tucking cotton balls between the scales of a pinecone to make the fluffy body of an owl or spray paint the cones red to make Santa's pointed hat.
  • Pinecone fire starters – Now you can put those excess pinecones to good use by dipping them in melted wax to create homemade fire starters. Melt old crayons into the hot wax to create colorful cones or add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. Then display the pinecone fire starters in a basket on the hearth or present them as a hostess gift at your next holiday gathering. 

Looking for additional ways to use small pinecones? Try these DIY pinecone crafts:

  • Add small cones to the bow when wrapping presents.
  • Decorate canning jars with ribbon, small cones, and pine boughs. Insert LED tea lights for a flameless candle holder.
  • Use green spray paint to make tiny trees for doll houses and model trains. 
  • Attach small cones with hot glue to dress up plain napkin holders.
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