DIY Eggshell Planter Filled With Tiny Flowers
eggshell vase
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Every fresh egg comes in its own individual “container” made of shell and it’s a good idea to recycle it. Many gardeners use their empty eggshells as soil supplement, but you can get even more creative by turning them into DIY eggshell planters or vases. It’s fun to do some planting in eggshells or to display cut flowers or herbs in eggshell vases. Read on for information about using an eggshell for plants.

DIY Eggshell Planters

Eggshells are fragile, which makes them so easy to break when you want to cook an omelet. If you are careful though, it’s entirely possible to get plants to grow in an eggshell. The first step in making DIY eggshell planters is to crack the raw egg carefully. Select an egg, then tap it – about two-thirds of the way from the bottom on the side of the bowl. Alternatively, you can use a butter knife to tap it.

Tap the egg several times, if necessary, to crack the shell all the way around, then gently remove the top section of eggshell. Pour out the egg itself and wash the eggshell. It is now ready to be used for plants.

Fun Eggshell Vase

If you want to make an eggshell vase, you are now more than halfway there. All you need to do is fill the eggshell with water and place small cut flowers or herbs in it. Of course, it’s important that the homemade vase stands upright, so that the water and flowers don’t spill. Egg cups are great for this, but you can also use found objects, such as abandoned bird nests.

Planting in Eggshells

It’s a little more challenging using an eggshell for plants, but a lot more fun. If you get a plant to grow in an eggshell, your display will last several months instead of several days. Succulents are very good for planting in eggshells because they don’t need much care and are virtually indestructible. Select small cuttings from your succulents or buy tiny plants from the garden center.

How to grow in an eggshell isn’t difficult. In order for a plant in an eggshell to grow, you need to fill the little planter with soil. For succulents, use a succulent soil mix. Alternatively, you can mix potting soil, coarse horticulture-grade sand, and perlite. Moisten the mixture then take a handful and squeeze the water out of it. Slip the soil ball into the eggshell until it is three quarters of the way full.

Use a chopstick or your pinky finger to dig a small well in the soil. Insert the succulent and press the soil around it gently. Use a spray bottle or small dropper to moisten the succulent whenever the soil is very dry.

Teo Spengler

Teo Spengler has been gardening for 30 years. She is a docent at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her passion is trees, 250 of which she has planted on her land in France.