Foraged Wreath Ideas: Add To A Plain Wreath With Plants From Your Yard

Foraged Christmas Wreath
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DIY Christmas wreaths give you something to beautify your front door while interacting with nature. Best of all, most of the items you need will be right outside that door. If you lack a garden, seek evergreen wreath ideas and inspiration on a hike in the forest.

Foraging for Wreath Making

A quick tour around your yard, the local park, or other green spaces should provide you with all you need. Pine cones, evergreen boughs, willow or hazel for the form, holly, berries, rose hips, ivy, privet, pyracantha, and the list goes on. You might even want seed heads to add interest. Whatever interests you is suitable. Try combining your outdoor elements with fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and even Christmas tree balls. Ribbon or other décor items can finish off the foraged Christmas wreath. 

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Tips for Foraged Material

Harvest evergreens after a hard frost when plants aren't actively growing. Other plants such as boxwoods should be harvested before a frost or they will turn color. Do not cut more than 25 % of a plant. When taking stems, leave live greenery behind the cut to support the limb. Make proper pruning cuts that will allow moisture to drip away from the cut site. For plants like holly, make the cut just above a bud node. Keep greenery in a cool place until ready to use, misting it occasionally. 

Decorating an Evergreen Wreath

Before you indulge in your DIY Christmas wreath ideas, you will need a form. If you got lucky and harvested some willow or hazel, the branches are flexible enough to curve into the necessary round shape. Grape vines will also provide an effective form. If you do not have such items available, there you can purchase a wreath form in a variety of materials. For decorating you will need:

  • scissors
  • pruners
  • floral or light gauge wire ( or green twist ties)
  • twine or raffia
  • hot glue gun

Start with a base of evergreen stems. Use the wire to attach them to the form. Then use the glue gun, wire, or twine, depending upon the weight of your items. Attaching bundles of varying plant matter makes a nice appearance. Cut each stem so it is the same length and then tie on securely. Work around until you have a nice base of greenery. Then begin to attach the rest of the decor. Attach a wire loop to hang the wreath and add ribbon or other non-natural items as desired. 

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Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.