Growing Gardens For Artwork – Learn About Using Plants For Art

plant art
plant art
(Image credit: Eskemar)

Using plants for art is a concept that has been around since primitive times. Plant art for grownups is a more modern twist on the idea and may easily include plants you already grow. If you’re looking for some ideas to get started, read on for more information.

Plant Crafting Ideas

Some plant crafting ideas are more obvious, such as making brooms from broomcorn and planting self-drying strawflowers for wreaths. Gourds have been used for making everything from ladles to birdhouses. Using carrots for garden plant crafts though? How about sunflowers?

Many plants lend themselves well for dyeing fabric and making paints. Carrots, beets, skins from your onions, and blueberries are just a few edibles that can be used for painting and other garden plant crafts.

Making your own paper from spent tomato stems and other materials is wonderful for using plants for art. Even better, make note or greeting cards and paint them with your garden sourced vegetable-based watercolors.

Pressing flowers and leaves for garden plant crafts, like the note cards mentioned, is something many of us did first as kids. There are different techniques for preserving flowers and leaves too, so you can start using plants for art and having fun at the same time. Go ahead, be a kid again.

Planning Your Gardens for Artwork

When planning your gardens for artwork, you may only need to switch up a few flower varieties or consider planting those beets that nobody wants to eat. Just keep in mind what parts of the plants you will need for your projects and your gardening will become that much more fun.

Using your gardens for artwork not only provides you with nutritious food and beautiful flowers, it can also feed your soul in a way that only creating and enjoying artwork can do. Yes, gardening just got even better.