Landscaping With Old Doors – How To Use Doors In Garden Design

DIY Old Door Used As A Planter
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If you’ve done some remodeling lately, you may have old doors laying around or you may notice charming old doors at a thrift shop or other local businesses for sale. When it comes to landscaping with old doors, the ideas are endless. Take a look at these easy ideas on implementing doors for gardens in a variety of unique and creative ways.

How to Upcycle Old Doors

  • Build a garden bench: Use two old doors to make a garden bench, one door for the seat and one for the backrest. You can even cut an old paneled door into quarters and make a small, one-person (or child sized) garden bench chair. There will be two long panels and two shorter panels just right for a seat, back, and sides.
  • Construct a Pergola: Two old doors in the garden can be used to build a pergola. Create a decorative edge for the bottom and then use corner braces to join the doors with a wooden arbor top. Paint and prime the pergola with exterior latex paint.
  • Fancy up a wooden fence: Hang an old door on a wooden fence or wall. Paint it with whimsical colors or let it age naturally. You can embellish it with hanging plants, herbs, antique door knockers, or other interesting items.
  • Build an old-fashioned porch swing: Doors in garden design may include old-fashioned porch swings. Construct a frame for the base using 2x4s. Add cross braces, then construct a seat with 1x4s. When the seat is completed, use the old door for the back, followed by armrests. Finish the porch swing with sturdy hanging hardware, a fresh coat of paint, and a few colorful cushions or pillows.
  • Use old doors for garden privacy: If you have several old doors in the garden, they can be used to construct a fence or a privacy screen for a sitting area, nook, or patio.
  • Design a simple garden table: Landscaping with old doors could include a picnic table. This is super simple if you happen to run across a couple of old sawhorses or reclaimed upcycled balusters. You can also use shorter legs to turn a door into a coffee table for a gathering area or add a plexiglass top for a more elegant garden table.

Reusing old doors is a great way to upcycle in the garden while creating something new and interesting. These are just some ideas you can try. There are plenty of others online or make up your own.

Mary H. Dyer

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