Winter Succulent Decor – Making Holiday Succulent Decorations

Potted Succulent Plant With Tiny Red Christmas Ornaments
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Your indoor decorations in winter may be seasonally based or just something to liven up your settings when it’s cold outside. As more people come to love succulent plants and grow them indoors, we might include them even in our holiday enhancements. You can add winter succulent décor in lots of ways. Read on for winter succulent ideas.

Winter Decorating with Succulents

One of the great things about using succulents as holiday or seasonal decorations for the home is being able to use them afterward. If you start with cuttings, you can continue to grow them outside or in containers as houseplants when there is no longer need for the decorations. If this is your plan, avoid using hot glue or any other methods that might damage the plant, preventing future growth.

If your succulent ornamentations get regular sun or bright light and occasional misting, they can last for several weeks, and will be good for other uses. For example, some projects can move from Christmas use to year-round growing just by changing containers or removing a couple of embellishments.

Holiday Succulent Decorations

Using succulents for winter holiday décor can be as simple as planting your choice of cuttings, rooted plugs, or full-size succulents into a red or green coffee cup. Add a contrasting bow or small ornament behind the plants or atop the soil. A few of those small Christmas tree bulbs or a small lighting piece can complete the display.

Large coffee cups are sometimes the perfect planter for succulent cuttings. They are easy to locate in a sunny spot inside. Use Thanksgiving or Christmas themed cups to make them more holiday specific.

Fill any small holiday container with rooted plugs, cuttings, or air plants. You may also use a mature succulent plant if desired. If you don’t want to add drainage holes, use the misting option. If you want to water them, put the plants in a small plastic planter that fits inside the holiday container.

Other Winter Succulent Ideas

Another idea is to insert cuttings into bare areas of large conifer cones (like pinecones) to fill in a centerpiece or for the mantle. Small succulent cuttings on stems or air plants often fit right into the spaces. Echeveria rosettes are attractive when peeking out from the woody leaves of the cone. 

Turn the cone into a hanging arrangement for the tree by adding twine or ribbon tied around the top. Insert a screw most of the way into the top for another method to attach the twine. Fill in remaining bare spaces with moss.

Add rooted plugs to small, lightweight tin buckets with handles, small baskets, or small clay pots to hang on the tree or fill in other decorations. Use holiday lighting and small bulbs as toppers. Add Santa or other holiday themed stickers.

Decorate outdoor plants with bulbs, lighting, and whatever else your creativity might lead to when DIY-ing with succulents for winter. You’re sure to get a cheery response.

Becca Badgett

Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.