Garden Tools For Dads: Gardening Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Garden Tool With A Bow As A Gift
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Trying to find the right gift for Father's Day? Celebrate a gardening Father's Day. Father's Day garden tools are the right option if your dad has a green thumb. Indoor and outdoor choices abound.

Father's Day comes just as the summer gardening season is getting underway. The right tools may be key to showing your Dad how special he is to you. Garden tools for dads can be personal or just functional. Simplify his life with great gifts for gardener dads.

Lawn Garden Tools for Dads

If you've got one of those dads that likes his lawn to look like a golfing green, that takes a lot of work. Reduce some of the chore with tools that will simplify grass maintenance.

  • A really good edger and trimmer keeps lawn edges crisp and even. Throw in some extra string so he doesn't run out.
  • Maybe he needs an upgrade on the mower. Get a rechargeable one that doesn't pollute with gas fumes or frustrates with cords.
  • To keep that lawn neat, how about some leaf claws, nut picker upper, or a long-handled weeder.
  • A weed torch is perfect for guys that are fascinated by fire and prevents the use of chemicals.

Chore Easing Gifts for Gardener Dads

  • Unless there is a sprinkler system, dragging hoses around and setting up sprinklers is a pain. Lighten dad's load with a 2-headed timer. Get a rain barrel and attractive chain system to funnel rainfall for use later.
  • A really fun gift is a woodchipper. There are smaller models than the one in the movie Fargo and the resulting chips make excellent mulch.
  • A leaf blower with an attachment to pick up leaves will have the lawn spotless with little effort.
  • Power hedgers make keeping those living barriers ship shape in no time.
  • A pole pruner simplifies tree limbing jobs.
  • One of the best garden items out there is a power assist wheelbarrow. It is battery operated and moves with the push of a button.

Hand Tools for Father's Day

  • A pair of new clippers will make his day. Go deluxe and get a set with basic, anvil, and bypass pruners. Throw in a tool sharpener so the edges are always keen.
  • A hori hori has numerous uses. The serrated edge can cut through tough roots, while the long blade delves deep enough to get stubborn dandelion roots all the way out.
  • A Japanese cuttle fish hoe is versatile. With one side a traditional hoe blade and the other forked, it digs trenches, rakes, and more.
  • A root saw removes stubborn roots and can be used to cut open bags, or even remove the bottom of a root bound plant.
  • Go personal. If you plan ahead, plenty of companies have basic garden hand tools and can monogram or even put a sentiment on the handles.
Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.