Using Round Point Shovels – How To Use A Round Head Shovel In The Garden

Person Using A Round Point Shovel In The Garden
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Garden tools are the basis of a beautiful landscape. Each has a unique purpose and design that gives it the maximum amount of utility. A round head shovel is one of the most often used tools when developing a garden. What is a round point shovel used for? Primarily, this tool is used for digging, and it is unmatched in effectiveness in that regard. Choosing the right rounded shovel will enhance your abilities to dig but can also have ergonomic design details that will help your back and make the job a whole lot easier.

About the Round Head Shovel

Gardeners know that the right tool, used in the right way, can ensure success on every task. We treasure our tools like a chef treasures his/her knives. Round point shovel uses extend past digging to scooping and are useful in transplanting, trenching, moving compost or mulch, and many more applications. Taking care of the tool will extend its life when its edges are kept sharp, and the shovel is clean and dry. Rounded shovels usually have a beveled edge to help penetrate tough soil situations. They may also have a point to push into the soil. The edges are curved to facilitate scooping. Handles are the height at which most people stand and can be ergonomically angled. Grips are often cushioned to prevent blisters. These specialized tools are widely available at any big box store or garden center. It is important to choose one which will last. Wooden handled tools often break on big jobs. The attachment of the scoop to the handle should be welded securely. Since it is one of the most popular tools, using round point shovels for many tasks makes it a workhorse of the garden. Good construction and sturdy fabrication will make these tasks a little lighter.

What is a Round Point Shovel Used For?

Rounded shovels are a bit like a Ginsu knife. They may not slice, dice, and julienne, but they can cut, dig, scoop, lift, and chop through hard soil. These are invaluable tools for any gardener. Taking care of the tool is essential to its long life. Always rinse the shovel and allow it to air dry before putting it away. This prevents rust that will destroy the metal over time. Every spring, bring out the shovel and use a whetstone or handheld file to sharpen the edge. That will make breaking through tough soil much easier. Keep handles dry if they're wooden, and occasionally sand them to remove any splinters. Rub with linseed oil to protect the wood. When to use a round-headed shovel in the garden depends on the task. You can really use a rounded shovel for nearly every digging or cultivating purpose in the landscape. Using round point shovels as transportation devices for such items as mulch, compost, gravel, and more, allows you to utilize them as a scoop. Cultivating or turning over the vegetable bed with these shovels is easy and effective too. Round point shovel uses don't stop there. In the absence of a trencher, rounded shovels can dig a trench quite easily and also be employed to neaten the edges of a hole or ditch. How ever you use your shovel, remember to dig with the blade at an angle. This facilitates cuts into the soil and minimizes strain. Don't forget to lift with your knees, not your back, to prevent injury.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.