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We've all been spending more time at home lately, and if your indoor spaces are starting to feel a little stale, you're not alone. The good news? There are so many ways to bring the natural world into our homes. Say goodbye to stuffy and confined -- we're opening our hearts and homes to indoor trees, for stunning beauty and fresher air (and maybe even some tasty fruit!).

Growing a tree inside your house or apartment changes a room's very essence, both literally and aesthetically. Your home should feel like your sanctuary, and an indoor tree instantly transforms its ambience. Choose an indoor tree for your personal style: exotic, modern, traditional or spa retreat come to mind. Get excited. You deserve this.

  1. A Variegated SurpriseThis isn't your average lemon tree. With variegated green and yellow leaves, plus fruit with bright pink (yes, really!) flesh, this tree has it all -- flavor, fragrance, practicality and pure fun. It grows easily indoors in the winter, and thrives outside in warm weather, adding color and interest to kitchens, dining rooms, patios and more. Pink Variegated Eureka Lemon trees arrive fresh and healthy from FastGrowingTrees.com. Place them in any bright spot in the house. In one short year, you'll be making your own pink lemonade.
  2. Easy-Going Tropical MagicAre you dreaming of swaying exotic greenery and a tropical fresh-air vibe inside your home? Consider adopting the easy-going, mellow beauty of a Fishtail Palm for its drama and graceful quality. These feathery beauties will dress up your indoor space without much fuss on your part. Beautiful interior trees, Fishtail Palms are super easy to care for and are especially hardy --- perfect for people who prefer to sit back and watch the waves come in. These palms are pretty much self-sufficient. They will enjoy being outside in warm weather, but they're also surprisingly adaptable in cooler weather and indoor environments.
  3. Unique and Tall and ColorStraight-up bold, braided, bi-color bi-color Dracaena trees from FastGrowingTrees.com are perfection in any home design, and especially impressive in a contemporary space. With their gracefully intertwined stems, Braided Dracaenas can grow up to eight feet tall, converting your living space into a tropical work of art. Color swirls around and through this plant, from the fronds' red edges to their deep green centers. It doesn't require loads of natural light, either, so it's great for a shady corner or low-lit room.
  4. Fresher AirA short plant lesson: NASA's Clean Air Study says indoor plants filter out harmful toxins and pollutants from the air. Most of us have been spending an extraordinary amount of time indoors lately, and really, who doesn't love clean air? Try a plush and perky dwarf Umbrella plant to liven up your house, and let it freshen your indoor air at the same time. Whether your home decor style is traditional or trendy, this pretty tree lends a fresh look to your interior. It's even known to sprout long, red flower-like tentacles for even more visual impact. FastGrowingTrees.com delivers it safe and healthy for you to train into a tree, bush or bonsai.
  5. Gratitude VibrationAs its name implies, this tree provides a wealth of lush beauty. With a neat and tidy, meticulously braided stem, this bonsai Money Tree has a full canopy of glossy green leaves. Its silhouette is stunning, whether you want to grow it as a small plant or a full-blown tree. As a tree, this exotic beauty can grow up to six feet tall, so plan ahead to make your indoor space feel more like an airy atrium. How much wealth and good fortune can you take?
  6. Intrigue and FlavorImagine growing a real olive tree indoors. Arbequina Olives from FastGrowingTrees.com will thrive in any bright spot inside or out, and only lose their graceful leaves if they get super-cold. Adding a definite Mediterranean ambiance to your home, the Arbequina Olive tree is a happy choice for foodies and anyone who dreams of the warm environments of Europe, or even California! Lovely in their simplicity, Arbequina Olive trees add a brilliant and intriguing texture to their surroundings. They also promise to produce lots of delicious olives under the right conditions!

So why is FastGrowingTrees.com your best choice for all trees, indoor or out? For the past fifteen years, this company has been dedicated to developing the healthiest plants possible, so they'll be ready to grow in your home or yard. They use the highest quality nutrient-rich soils, and hand-select the perfect trees for each customer's climate and landscaping needs. Their trees are so healthy, FastGrowingTrees.com offers you a 30-day Alive and Thrive Guarantee™ so you can be sure that your trees and plants will arrive at your doorstep vigorous, vibrant and eager to thrive in your space, indoor or out.

As the largest online nursery in the world, FastGrowingTrees.com is committed to making the world greener and healthier, one tree at a time. Shop thousands of plants and trees now at FastGrowingTrees.com!

Caroline Bloomfield
Manager of Marketing Communications

Caroline Bloomfield is Manager of Marketing Communications at Gardening Know How since 2019. A northwest native, she has resided and gardened in multiple zones in the U.S. and is currently at home in Eugene, Oregon. Writing and editing for various publications since 1998, her BA in American Studies from Southern Maine University includes an emphasis in English. She was raised in California by avid gardeners and continues to enjoy the natural world with an appreciation for the concepts of sustainability and organic care for the planet.