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Whether you're brand new at gardening or a seasoned horticulturist, don't be in a hurry to wrap up your garden as the weather cools down. The end of summer doesn't have to mean the end of your gardening year when there are so many fall gardening options to explore. Cool weather gardening is a rewarding and successful way to increase your food supply, and it keeps you warm and busy as the weather turns nippy.

Autumn Gardening Expertise

Are you puzzled about what to plant this fall? Jung Seed, a long-standing, family-owned American company stands ready to help. Known for its strong, successful seeds and reliable customer service, Jung Seed prides itself on making things easier for gardeners like us. Explore Jung's beautiful new fall catalog for answers to all your questions about gardening in cool months. All of Jung's products are non-GMO produced, and they offer a beautiful large organic selection for those of us paying close attention to the health of our families and the planet. As the warm days of summer begin to fade, it's great to turn to an establishment that's so well respected and knowledgeable. So, what would you like to grow this fall in your garden?

Fall Vegetables

We usually think of gardening as a summer activity, but there are many veggies that just prefer cooler weather. In fact, some leafy and cruciferous vegetables grow tastier and more delectable if they've been exposed to a touch of light frost. Another great benefit of cool weather gardening is that pesky insects aren't as prolific! Planted in the fall, leafy greens like lettuce, cilantro and spinach won't bolt like they do in summer, since they're happier with shorter days and less sunshine. If you've never grown vegetables in the cool months of the year, now may be the perfect time to give it a try.

The folks at Jung Seed invite you to plant some of their most popular seed varieties this fall. For example, consider growing arugula -- a green that surpasses lettuce on sandwiches and is a delectable add-in for your best salads. Succulent root vegetables, like beets and carrots, are happy to get started after the summer heat subsides. In fact, Jung's new catalog features seeds for eleven varieties of beets and twenty different carrots, each one bursting with nutrition and stunning colors.

Speaking of variety, do you know how many types of cabbage will grow in your fall garden? Jung touts cabbage seeds for everything from small head varieties to "megaton" giants. Cabbage is not only highly nutritious, but delicious in salads and fermented as sauerkraut. And don't forget broccoli and broccoli sprouts for nutritious additions to your autumn meals. Fresh broccoli at Thanksgiving time speaks volumes about your gardening prowess.

If you're a wizard in the kitchen, you know that shallots are a delicious way to season your best dishes, but did you know they thrive in cool weather? And consider treating your family to extraordinary salads with the many fascinating strains of lettuce that thrive in the fall garden. Lettuce is a staple for many families, but standard restaurant-style lettuces can't compare to the exotic and varied strains from your own fall garden. Jung's lettuce seed collection will stretch your salad imagination in directions it hasn't seen before. Check out more than a dozen colorful, nutritious lettuce varieties that Jung's recommends for planting right now.

If you prefer to juice your greens, we suggest planting lots of kale this fall. The beneficial nutritive properties in kale make it one of the most popular smoothie vegetables available. Fresh from your garden, you'll never want to buy smoothies in a bottle again. Of course, it's great when it's steamed or stir-fried, as well. You'll want to explore Jung's kale seed selection for Blue Curled, Red Russian, Black Magic and other exciting varieties for autumn planting.

While you're busy choosing vegetables to plant for your cool-season garden, check out Jung's beautiful selection of bulbs for some spring color in your yard, garden or flower pots. Learn all about how to plant fall bulbs with Jung's excellent illustrated planting tips.

Jung's Catalog Inspires Us

Family owned and operated since 1907, Jung Seed is respected nationwide for standing by their products and their brilliant customer service. That's 113 years of gardening experience and knowledge offered generously to their wide range of gardening customers.

Enjoy the pleasure of perusing Jung's colorful print catalog, delivered by snail-mail directly to your home. Of course, you can check out everything online if you want, but who doesn't love to look at a fresh new catalog after a long day? Go to the catalog request form on the Jung website to order one, but do it soon. Fall's just around the corner!

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