6 Shower Plants To Transform Your Boring Bathroom Into A Rainforest

Create a tropical vibe in your bathroom with shower plants. Some plants crave humidity and filtered light and would love to shower with you.

Many houseplants in a modern looking bathroom
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What are shower plants? Plants bring a little touch of the outdoors into our living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Bathrooms? Yes, I said bathrooms. The bathroom is actually an ideal place for some plants due to the higher humidity levels; there are even plants to put in the shower!

Now the best shower plants, of course, will be those that not only like that added humidity, but don’t mind literally getting wet leaves. Plus they perk up all that serious tile and stainless steel. I mean who wouldn’t want to shower surrounded by houseplants? It’s like an outdoor shower in the tropics! Read on to find out what plant to put in the shower.

Why You Should Grow Plants in the Shower

We already talked about the higher humidity levels in bathrooms. All that running water from the sink, shower and toilet can create some serious humidity.

Also, plants in the shower create an outdoor vibe. Think, outdoor shower in the Bahamas or some other tropical getaway. Each shower you take will have you thinking exotic, tropical holiday. Add a little Jimmy Buffet or some reggae and it won’t take much to have you booking a vacation to equatorial climes. Just remember to get a plant sitter before you leave.

The 6 Best Shower Plants

The best shower plants will be those that like steamy, humid conditions, don’t mind getting wet, and low light tolerant plants. Humid the bathroom may be, but natural light conditions are often non-existent so your new shower buddies will either need to tolerate little light or only that provided by fluorescent bulbs.

1. Tillandsia

An air plant on a towel in a bathroom

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If you have a standard-sized shower, space is limited so you need a shower plant that accommodates that space. Enter: tillandsia. Tillandsia or air plants are small epiphytes that capture water and nutrients from the air through tiny vessels in their foliage.

Growing to only about 2-12 inches (5-30 cm), tillandsia can be grown on driftwood or seashells or simply hung from a hook on the wall.

While tillandsia will love the amount of moisture in the bath, it does need to dry out. So if your air plants are in the shower with you, remove them and hang them on a hook to dry out for a week or so. Too much water facilitates rot.

2. Ferns

A fern hanging in a macrame hanger in front of white bathroom tile

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Almost all ferns grown as houseplants like a good amount of humidity. The classic Boston fern or a kangaroo fern are both excellent fern options for the bathroom.

Both of these ferns will enjoy the mist and humidity rising up from your showers. Hang a Boston fern in the shower area and you’ll have a happy camper.

If light conditions are too low, you can always practice rotating your houseplants by moving the Boston to a well-lit area of your home and swapping it out with another tropical houseplant.

3. Pothos

A pothos plant growing in a bathroom

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Probably the number one low-light houseplant available, pothos can be found growing in the dimmest interiors from malls to office buildings. That’s because these vining plants are incredibly tolerant of low light conditions.

Rapid growers, pothos will adapt to low humidity conditions but will really shine in the bathroom and reward you with 12-18 inches (30-46 cm) of new growth per month! Drape your pothos around the room or hang it, but keep the tempting foliage out of the way of pets and kids since pothos are toxic.

4. English Ivy

Ivy growing in a shower behind a showerhead

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English ivy pulls double duty in the bathroom. It actually helps pull moisture, up to 78%, from the air which helps eliminate mold and mildew. You’ll never have to run the fan in the bathroom again.

English ivy loves to hang around and will look fetching in the shower area. It thrives in temps between 70-90 F (21-32 C) and all that bathroom humidity will have those leaves shining.

Keep English ivy inside though. It is a rapacious grower and is considered invasive in the Pacific Northwest, California, and parts of the Midwest. Also, English ivy is toxic so keep it up away from pets and the kids.

5. Majesty Palm

A palm houseplant against blue shower tile

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Want to add a little height to your bathroom? Try growing majesty palm. You will need some space to grow this palm, but the bathroom is the perfect place for this humidity-loving plant that thrives with a gentle mist.

While majesty palm tolerates low light, it thrives in sunnier locales. So this shower plant option is best if you have skylights, southern exposure windows, or glass bricks that will lend plenty of natural sunlight.

6. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo growing in front of bathroom tile

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Who can’t use a little more luck in life? The lucky bamboo plant promises that and more. It is a low-maintenance, low-light plant that doesn’t even need soil to thrive. Just place lucky bamboo stalks in a container of pebbles and water. All you need to do is change out the water every couple of weeks.

There are also other low light, adaptable, high humidity houseplants that might work in the shower, however, most plants do not like to have consistently drenched soil. So, keep an eye on any you actually have in the shower area and try to keep them around the periphery where they will get a gentle misting and not a torrent of hot tap water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Plant to Hang in the Shower?

The best plants to hang in the shower will be those that love humidity and a little extra misting. Also, depending on the available natural light in your bathroom, low light plants are an option. That said, almost no plant will like to be drenched on a daily basis. As far as the best plant to hang in the shower? An epiphyte like an air plant or some type of moisture loving fern are two terrific options. Lucky bamboo is another great shower plant that doesn’t even need soil, just water and pebbles to keep your good luck going.

What Is the Best Plant for a Steamy Bathroom?

Many houseplants are tropical plants used to high humidity, so many of them will work as bathroom plants. Some options include Anthurium, bird’s nest fern, Chinese money plant, golden pothos, peperomia, Philodendron, spider plant and ZZ plant.

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