10 Best Houseplants: Must Have Houseplants 2021

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Growing plants indoors is the easiest and best way to bring nature into the interior. The best houseplants are those that need minimum care and thrive in your type of lighting. Deciding which houseplants you should have is a personal decision, but here you’ll find some of the must have houseplants 2021 has to offer. 

Once the cool season arrives, our opportunities to grow narrow significantly. Certain must haves for houseplants will help assuage your growing dreams and keep you content until spring planting time. As an added bonus, greenery inside the home helps clean the air, adds life, and is a great stress reducer. According to some gardeners, there are some must have indoor plants that will enliven the indoors and provide eye catching displays. 

Must Have Houseplants 2021

Everyone's taste and growing skills vary greatly, but certain houseplants are considered ideal. In the past year, several varieties have proven to be standouts, providing a respite from brown winter lawns and faded outdoor blooms. While orchids are lovely to look at, they are not the plant for forgetful gardeners. Considering what houseplants you should have, decide what level of care you are willing to give, as well as environmental factors. Use what you have by growing low light plants where little sunlight penetrates and opting for sun lovers in rooms with south and western exposure. Don't fight against the climate you naturally have, or you may be disappointed. For instance, if your home is heavy on humidity, avoid cactus and many succulents, choosing plants from rainforest regions that will perform beautifully. 

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Must Haves for Houseplants

The best houseplants are those that speak to you and the way in which you live. If you are a low maintenance lover, try these:

In low light situations, such as office settings, some suggestions are:

Lucky gardeners with sunny rooms have many options such as:

Flowering Houseplants

Blooming plants are the best way to cheer up an indoor space. Around the holidays you can purchase bulbs like paper white or Amaryllis. These are easy to start in water or soil and will flower within a couple of months, especially in the winter season. A classic perpetual bloomer is the African violet. Although a bit fussy about getting water on their leaves, these are easy to grow and come in purple, pink, and fuchsia. Other blooming must have indoor plants are:

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