Amaryllis Care Instructions: How To Care For An Amaryllis

Bright Red Bell-Shaped Amaryllis Flower
amaryllis flower
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If you know how to care for an amaryllis (Amaryllis and Hippeastrum), you can replenish your bulb after flowering and guide the amaryllis through additional growing seasons. Growing amaryllis indoors does take work, but the result is beautiful, bell-shaped flowers to brighten up your home. Read these amaryllis care instructions for more information.

Amaryllis Care Instructions for the First Flowering

Because the amaryllis produces such brilliantly-colored flowers, many people put them in their homes in the winter. Growing amaryllis indoors requires little of you during the first winter. The bulb will be ready to bloom in early winter, around November, and most stalks will produce two to four flowers. All you need to do is keep the amaryllis watered and out of harm.

Tips on Growing Amaryllis Indoors After Flowering

Once your amaryllis flowers are gone for the season, it is time to learn how to care for an amaryllis in its replenishing stage. The bulb is depleted of minerals after flowering, but the stalks remain. By cutting the tops of the stalks down while leaving the leaves, you can allow the amaryllis to begin its re-flowering process. While growing amaryllis indoors, you should fertilize the plant every two to three weeks. You also will need to water the plant about twice a week. 

Other than that, be sure you keep the plant out of harm's way and out of direct sunlight during long portions of the day. The next part of the amaryllis care instructions is the most time-consuming. Begin by putting your amaryllis outdoors in a shady area. After a few days of doing this, put the amaryllis in the sunlight, and expose it to more sunlight each day. 

One of the best tips on growing amaryllis you can heed is to set a buzzer to remind you when to get the amaryllis in from the sun to avoid killing the plant.

Directions for Amaryllis Rest Period

In the early fall when the amaryllis has become accustomed to being outdoors, slowly stop watering the plant. Cut back water gradually until the plant can survive on its own. As the leaves brown, cut them off to keep them from drawing nutrients from the plant. 

The amaryllis should stay outdoors for two to three months until you can begin growing it indoors again. Begin watering the flower sometime in November and bring it in to re-flower once the temperature drops below 55 F. (13 C.). Using these tips for growing amaryllis, you can have an annual flowering plant in your home during the winter.

Brandi Brown

Brandi Brown is a guest writer for Gardening Know How.