5 Pretty Pink Houseplants: How To Grow A Houseplant With Pink Leaves

Pretty Houseplant With Pink Leaves
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Houseplants clean our interior air, provide a touch of nature, and bring life to inert spaces. Pink plants do all that, and add soft or bright color. The rosy to pastel hues of pink houseplants may come from the foliage or the flowers, but are equally lovely. Selecting a pink indoor plant starts with level of light and care. 

Variegated foliage is a great way to introduce foliar color to the home. The pink polka dot plant is a classic example of marked foliage, and there are several hybrids from which to choose. It is a pink and green houseplant with a variety of patterns available. Other pink houseplants may have more rosy leaf color, or may sport just tinges of the hue on the tips, ribs, or margins. 

Selecting Pink Houseplants

Pink plants draw the eye and brighten any room. There are numerous pink houseplants available, but your home interior conditions should dictate which are suitable for your home. Plants that need high humidity will perform poorly in dry sites or near heating vents. Flora that prefers bright light should not be grown in rooms with indirect lighting or shaded windows. Some plants need constant care and are not useful for growers who want a low maintenance selection. Suit your pink indoor plant to your household expectations and environment. 

The Pink Polka Dot Plant

1. This plant is a classic. It’s very easy to find and it comes in many patterns. The original had small pink spots over green foliage. It can now be found in the reverse pattern, or even with streaks of white, cream, or bright red. The pink polka dot plant prefers indirect light where it develops the best color, but it can tolerate sun. It is fairly drought tolerant but will grow better with even, average water. Pinching back new growth can prevent the plant from getting leggy. A very versatile plant, the polka dot plant needs well draining soil and diluted fertilizer monthly during the growing season. 

Other Pink Plants

2. A pink and green houseplant is an eye catching addition to the home. A plant like Triostar Stromanthe has a variety of appeal. The large, broad leaves sport splashes of cream and green on the upper sides. Under the leaf the tone is bright, hot pink. 

3. A Belize rubber plant has delicate pink margins and bright pink ribs. Creamy variegation at the margins perfect the effect. This is a perfect low light plant. 

4. Dracaena plants come in a host of foliar decor. Pink Passion is a variety with decidedly pink, sword-like leaves. 

5. Anthurium produce a flower-like appendage. It is actually a creamy pink spathe and bright pink spadix. The color is long lasting and the plant is an easy care dream. 

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.