Best Hanging Houseplants To Grow Indoors: Trailing Plants For Hanging Baskets

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Indoor hanging baskets bring color and interest to an otherwise empty space. They show off your plants, highlighting their attractive foliage that is spilling over the edges. By hanging houseplants, you can add new places to display plants that might need a particular lighting, such as near a sunny window. If it’s a low-light plant, it can brighten up a dim corner. 

Eye-catching indoor hanging baskets include trailing houseplants such as pothos, heart-leaf philodendron, English ivy, and lipstick plant. Many ferns also gently spill over a basket edge, creating a flowing effect. A succulent hanging basket can feature one or more succulents, combining trailing plants with erect plants. Trailing succulents such as burro’s tail or fishbone cactus have the added bonus of not needing much water. 

Hanging Plant Baskets

Containers for hanging basket houseplants run the gamut from plastic-lined woven baskets to plastic, ceramic, or even terracotta containers. If the container didn’t come with hangers, you can buy holders specially made to hang baskets. 

Use a lightweight, enriched soil for general houseplants and a cactus potting mix for succulents. Fertilize during spring and summer according to your specific plants’ needs. Be sure you know the watering requirements of your plants so they won’t be overwatered. Humidity is important, too, and most general houseplants need more humidity than the average home offers. If your kitchen or bathroom provides good light, you can site your plants there. If not, a humidifier will do the trick.  

Also, check out the light needs of your indoor hanging baskets and site them appropriately. If you don’t have enough windows, grow lights can add the needed illumination. 

Indoor Plants That Look Great in Hanging Planters  

Here are popular trailing houseplants for hanging baskets:

Taking good care of your hanging basket houseplants by providing light, nutrition, humidity, and water will reward you with years of enjoyment. 

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