How To Display Houseplants: Clever Ideas For Arranging Houseplants

Houseplants In Hanging Baskets
houseplant display
(Image credit: alexsalcedo)

Not only are more and more people growing houseplants these days, but they are now part of interior décor. Houseplants add a living element to interior design and can make any space more peaceful. Let’s take a look at some houseplant display ideas that you can use for your interior space.

How to Display Houseplants

Let’s explore various ways of arranging houseplants on your walls, ceilings, and floors.

Displaying Potted Plants on Walls

There are many interesting ways to display potted plants on your walls:

  • Create a living wall with numerous hanging plants placed on a bookshelf or even on a mounted wall shelf. Choose trailing plants such as spider plants, pothos, philodendron, and hoyas. As they grow and trail, you will be creating a living green wall.
  • Display plants on a ladder shelf against a wall, or even a free-standing ladder.
  • Instead of a piece of artwork on a wall behind a sofa, create a living wall with an arrangement of wall-mounted self-watering pots or shelves with various houseplants.
  • Create rustic wall displays by mounting re-purposed lumber slabs on walls to which you can attach potted plants to.
  • Place a shelf of houseplants above the headboard of your bed.

Displaying Potted Plants on Ceilings

There is the obvious option of hanging various trailing plants from ceiling hooks in front of your windows. For added interest, use hanging houseplants displayed at various heights for a staggered effect.

  • A more creative way of displaying potted plants on ceilings is to hang a suspended wooden frame over a dining room or kitchen table. Then fill the suspended frame with trailing plants such as pothos.
  • Don’t have much counterspace? Hang a plant from a ceiling. Use a beautiful macramé hanger for added interest.
  • Create “floating” plant displays from the ceiling using a thin chain to hang plants, or even driftwood with orchids or other epiphytes mounted onto them.
  • Hang a trailing plant in the corner of a room for interest, especially if you don’t have the floor space for a larger floor plant.

Displaying Potted Plants on Floors

  • Place potted plants on each step of your staircase.
  • If you have an unused fireplace, display houseplants in front of the fireplace.
  • If you have tall ceilings, take advantage of the space and grow large floor plants such as fiddle leaf fig, rubber tree, Swiss cheese plant, and others.
  • Use large wicker baskets to dress up your potted plants on the floor.

Other Creative Ways to Decorate with Houseplants

  • For a living centerpiece, arrange three pots in the center of your dining room or kitchen table.
  • Use towel racks mounted in front of a window to suspend houseplants from.

You are only limited by your creativity, so why not try some new houseplant display ideas?