Different Dieffenbachia Varieties – Different Types Of Dieffenbachia

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Dieffenbachia is an easy-to-grow plant with almost unlimited diversity. Types of dieffenbachias include those with green, blue-green, creamy yellow, or greenish-gold leaves splashed, streaked, or striped with white, cream, silver, or yellow. Read on for a short list of dieffenbachia varieties that are bound to pique your interest. 

Types of Dieffenbachia

Here are some popular varieties of dieffenbachia houseplants, keep in mind though, there are many more types available. 

  • Camille’ is a bushy dieffenbachia plant with broad, ivory-to-yellow leaves edged in dark green. 
  • Camouflage’ is one of the more unusual types of dieffenbachia, with light green leaves and creamy veins that pop out in contrast with the green background.  
  • Seguine’ displays large, dark green leaves with creamy white splashes.  
  • Carina,’ one of the larger dieffenbachia varieties, is known for its green leaves splashed with contrasting lighter and darker shades of green.  
  • Compacta’ is a table-top size plant. This dieffenbachia variety displays pale green leaves with creamy yellow centers. 
  • Delilah’ is among the more unique dieffenbachia varieties, displaying big, pointy, creamy white leaves with greenish edges and greenish-white patches down the center. 
  • Mary’ is one of the faster-growing varieties of dieffenbachia. The showy leaves are pale green, mottled with dark and creamy green. 
  • Tropic Snow’ is one of the most common types of dieffenbachia. The leaves of this tall, handsome plant are splashed with silver, yellow, or white.  
  • Sparkle’ is appropriately named, with pale green leaves mottled with contrasting patches of white and darker green. This is one of the more compact varieties of dieffenbachia.  
  • Star bright’ displays narrower-than-usual, golden green leaves with dark green edges and a white vein running down the center.  
  • Triumph’ is a fun plant with lime green leaves edged in deep green. 
  • Sarah’ displays striking, dark green leaves with creamy yellow splatters.
  • Tiki’ is a splashy, exotic-looking variety with ruffled, silvery green leaves mottled with green, white, and gray.
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