Good Indoor Plants With Flowers For Low Light

Good Indoor Plants With Flowers For Low Light

By: Heather Rhoades
Image by christina rutz

If you live in an apartment or you work in an office, sometimes you want to add color and greenery to the space. Low light indoor plants are an excellent way to add greenery, but what about color? A low light indoor plant with flowers is hard to come by, but not impossible.

Good Flowering Indoor Plants for Low Light

Consider some of these choices for flowers in low light:

Peace Lily  – These low light indoor plants are more commonly seen in offices, but they make a great plant for your apartment as well. This indoor plant with flowers requires very little attention from you and needs very little light to flower. Peace lily will bloom year round with white-cupped, hand-shaped flowers. The flowers have a light scent and are long lasting.

African Violet  – Once thought of as a “grandma” plant, African violets have made a serious comeback thanks to a wide variety of new cultivars. These pretty plants make good indoor plants. They actually bloom best under neglect and need only minimal amounts of light in order to bloom.

Bromeliads  – While technically this indoor plant is not a flower, the whole plant looks like a flower. The leaves of these low light indoor plants are vibrant and colorful and will add some flair to any room or cubicle. Bromeliads may also get real flowers, but in between, you can just enjoy their natural beauty.

Christmas Cactus  – Christmas cacti make good indoor plants. Being a cactus also means that they need very little fuss to be happy. While they are called Christmas cactus, they don’t actually always bloom at Christmas. Christmas cactus needs 12 hours of darkness to bloom, and this normally occurs during the winter months in most households. This is also why these plants are good low light indoor plants. The flowers on a Christmas cactus can range from white to pink to red.

Zebra PlantZebra Plants are other low light indoor plants that flower. The striped foliage looks nice year round and they will produce frilly, yellow flowers.

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