How To Water A Plant: How Much Water Should I Give My Plant

How To Water A Plant: How Much Water Should I Give My Plant

By: Kathee Mierzejewski
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A lot of people who work in offices enjoy having potted plants around because the windows don’t open, so they bring a little of the “untouchable outdoors” inside. Since plants need water, it’s important to know how to water a plant.

How Much Water Should I Give My Plant?

Over-watering is the most common cause of death in indoor plants. If the roots of a plant are surrounded by water, they can’t absorb oxygen. Does a plant need water or oxygen to survive? It needs both, so over-watering kills the plant by rotting the roots and preventing the plant from absorbing much-needed oxygen.

There’s no easy answer to “how much water should I give my plant?” This amount could depend on the type of plant you have, where it is located, how old the plant is, and even the type and size of the pot. Soil conditions can also come into play, as some soil holds more water than others.

Plants with large or thin leaves usually need water more often than succulent plants. Does a succulent plant need water? Yes, but succulent plants have fleshier stems and leaves and can store more water during drought conditions. Therefore, they don’t need as much water.

During dormant conditions or just after heavy flowering or growth periods, plants require watering less often.

You might ask yourself, “How little water will kill a plant?” Truth be known, it varies. How long can a plant last without water? Once it dries out, not that long.

Water your plant whenever it’s necessary. The best way to know when it is necessary is to touch the soil. If the plant soil is dry to the touch, especially about an inch (2.5 cm.) or so down, the plant needs water. Further, if you tap the pot and it sounds dull, the soil is moist below the surface, so your plant is probably safe. If it sounds hollow, watering is needed.

How to Water a Plant

When the soil is dry, water the plant thoroughly. In fact, water the plant until the water comes out of the bottom of the planter. This will guarantee that the bottom roots in the planter have gotten water as well. However, don’t let the pot sit in the water on the saucer. Empty the saucer once it is done draining.

Make sure the water temperature is between 62 and 72 F. (17-22 C.). You don’t want to shock the plant. Finally, keep in mind that if the plant wilts, you should still check the soil before watering because wilting doesn’t necessarily mean the plant needs water.

Now that you know how to water a plant and how little water will kill a plant, you can have healthy office or home plants for your enjoyment from now on.

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