Indoor Hanging Basket Care: How To Keep Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor Hanging Basket Plant
hanging houseplant
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Hanging basket houseplants create beauty, interest, color, and a sense of peace and relaxation in the home environment – when the plants are healthy. Indoor hanging baskets aren’t quite as lovely when the plants inside them are overgrown, bedraggled, messy, or half dead. How do you care for hanging basket houseplants? Read on for tips on indoor hanging basket care to keep your plants green, healthy, and beautiful.

Growing Hanging Baskets Inside

Indoor hanging plants filled with damp potting mix tend to be heavy, especially if the pots are clay or ceramic. Make sure hanging baskets in the home are securely attached to wall studs or ceiling beams. If you’re concerned that the pot is still too heavy, you can mix the potting soil with perlite, which also improves drainage conditions. Keep in mind, however, that improved drainage means more frequent watering.

Place indoor hanging plants where they get adequate light, which depends on the needs of the plant. Plants that aren’t receiving enough light may display poor growth, small leaves, long and thin stems, or pale color. On the other hand, some plants will scorch in bright, direct sunlight. Too much light is generally portrayed by pale green or white leaves, leaves with brown or yellow edges, or wilting caused by excess heat and dry soil.

Watering hanging basket houseplants is the most difficult part of growing hanging baskets inside. Invest in a long-necked watering can and keep a stool or stepladder handy. You can also water the plant in the sink or shower. Remember that hanging baskets in the home dry out faster because the air is warmer and dryer near the ceiling. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to water, poke your finger into the soil and water the top inch (2.5 cm.) if potting mix feels dry. Be sure to also water if the plant begins to wilt.

Fertilize hanging plants regularly, but only when the soil is moist. Fertilizing when the potting mix is dry can burn the plants quickly and severely. Keep a close eye on your plants and provide maintenance as needed to keep them healthy and looking their best. Trim dead leaves regularly and cut back wayward or unsightly growth.

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