Plants With Positive Energy: Using Plants That Attract Good Energy

White Peace Lily Flowers
peace lily
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Positive plant vibes? Plants with positive energy? If you think that sounds a little too far off the beaten path, consider that there may actually be some truth to the claim that plants bring positive energy.

A number of resources (and people) note several benefits of using plants that attract good energy. People who spend time around plants are less likely to be stressed or depressed. They have a positive outlook on life, and they tend to be happier and more productive. Read on and learn how to generate positive plant vibes in your own home.

What are the Best Plants for Positive Energy?

Peace lily: This low-maintenance plant is said to purify the air, improve flow of energy, and promote a feeling of peace and tranquility. Peace lily is an adaptable plant that does well in low-light environments.

Jasmine: If you’re feeling stressed, the sweet aroma of jasmine will soothe you and help to clear negative energy. A bright window is best for jasmine. Cool nighttime temps in autumn will trigger development of buds.

Orchid: This beautiful plant is said to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the nighttime hours. The fragrance of orchid is a natural mood-booster. A tray of web pebbles will increase humidity around the plant when the air is dry.

Rosemary: A fragrant, low-maintenance herb, rosemary will promote mental and physical wellbeing and a sense of inner peace. Rosemary needs full sunlight and excellent drainage.

English ivy: This lovely, old-fashioned vine filters the air, removes toxins, and promotes an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Be sure English ivy is exposed to plenty of light.

Lucky bamboo: Also known as curly bamboo or ribbon plant, lucky bamboo is an ancient plant said to increase the flow of oxygen in your home while warding off negative emotions like jealousy and anger. This low-maintenance plant thrives on neglect and low light. 

Money plant: An attractive plant with umbrella-like leaves and a thick, braided trunk, money plant may reduce anxiety and stress in your home. Traditionally, this plant is believed to bring luck and prosperity. Money plant requires very little care, but the leaves can scorch in intense sunlight. 

Sage: This herb has been used for centuries to clear negative vibes and improve the flow of positive energy. Be sure your sage plant has excellent drainage; allow the soil to dry between waterings.

Lavender: This hardy herb is often placed in the bedroom where the aroma promotes peace and relaxation. Lavender requires well-drained soil and does well in a porous, clay pot.

Mary H. Dyer

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