Growing Plants Indoors: Surprising Benefits Of Houseplants

Woman With Her Houseplants And Spray Bottle
(Image credit: MachineHeadz)

Besides being able to appreciate the sheer visual beauty of growing plants in our homes and offices, there are a number of benefits for growing plants indoors. So why are indoor plants good for us? Here are some surprising benefits of houseplants. 

How Do Houseplants Benefit Humans?

Did you know that houseplants can actually increase the humidity in our indoor air? This is especially important for those of us that live in drier climates, or that have forced air heating systems in our homes. Houseplants release moisture in the air by a process called transpiration. This can help our indoor air humidity stay at a healthier level. The more plants you have grouped together, the more your humidity will increase. 

Houseplants can help relieve “sick building syndrome.” As homes and buildings become more energy efficient, our indoor air has become more polluted. Many common indoor furnishings and building materials release a variety of toxins into our indoor air. NASA conducted a study that has shown that houseplants can help to significantly reduce indoor air pollutants.

Having houseplants around us can make us happy, known as biophilia, and this has been proven by various studies. A study completed by the University of Michigan found that working in the presence of plants actually increases concentration and productivity. Houseplants can actually help alleviate our stress too, and just by being in the presence of plants, it has been shown to reduce blood pressure in just a few minutes. 

Houseplants have been shown to reduce the instance of molds and bacteria. Plants are able to absorb these through their roots and essentially break them down. Additionally, they can decrease particulates or dust in the air. Adding plants to a room has been shown to decrease the number of particulates or dust in the air by up to 20%.

Finally, having plants in a room can surprisingly improve the acoustics and reduce noise. One study found that plants can reduce noise in rooms with a lot of hard surfaces. They provided a similar effect as adding carpet to a room.

The number of resulting houseplant benefits is truly remarkable and just one more reason to appreciate having them in your home!