Tall Plants You Can Grow Indoors: Using Tree-Like Houseplants As Focal Points

Tree-Like Potted Houseplant
tall potted plant
(Image credit: csfotoimages)

Are you looking for tall, easy-to-grow houseplants to spice up your indoor spaces? There are a number of tree-like houseplants that you can grow to give any indoor space a beautiful focal point. Here are some of the best large indoor potted plants that you can grow. 

Tall Plants You Can Grow Indoors

  • Fiddle Leaf figFiddle leaf fig, Ficus lyrata, has been all the rage with its large, glossy foliage and dramatic presence. It is not forgiving to neglect or poor care, however. Be sure to give this plant plenty of bright light and proper watering for greatest success. Wipe the leaves down periodically to keep the leaves dust-free and clean. 
  • Weeping fig – The weeping fig, Ficus benjamina, is another plant in the fig family, but this one has gracefully weeping branching and smaller leaves. There are even stunning variegated varieties. Give this plant plenty of bright light indoors. Keep in mind that all Ficus plants dislike cold or hot drafts so keep them away from heating/cooling vents or doors that open and close frequently. 
  • Norfolk Island pineNorfolk Island pine, Araucaria heterophylla, is a beautiful tree that grows over 100 feet (65 m.) high in nature. Indoors, of course, it will stay a more manageable size. Be sure to give this plant plenty of bright light and avoid any drafts. It is not forgiving of soil that has gone completely dry or soil that remains wet for a long time. It will drop its branches and they will not grow back. So be sure to be attentive to its soil moisture needs! 
  • Money treeMoney tree, Pachira aquatica, is one of the best large indoor potted plants you can grow. These can easily grow to 6 feet (2 m.) or more with good care. They prefer their soil to be moist, but well drained, and enjoy plenty of bright, indirect light.
  • Monstera – Though not a tree, Monstera deliciosa is a great tree-like houseplant that adds plenty of drama to your interior landscape with its huge foliage that is full of slits and holes. They take up a lot of room, both vertically and horizontally, so be sure to provide the appropriate location! Monstera plants prefer plenty of bright indirect light and are one of the easiest tall easy-to-grow houseplants. 
  • African Milk tree – African milk tree, Euphorbia trigonia, gives a wonderful desert vibe to your home. It is actually a succulent that likes to grow in a warm location. Provide plenty of bright light and some sunshine, but not so much direct sun that it scorches. 
  • Ponytail palm – The ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata, though not a palm at all but rather a succulent, is a unique, tall, easy-to-grow houseplant. It is slow growing, so if you want to make an immediate statement, be sure to purchase a large plant. This plant stores moisture in its bulbous base, so it is somewhat forgiving if you forget a watering or two. Provide plenty of bright light for optimal results. Some direct sunshine is very beneficial.

Some other tall plants you can grow indoors include yucca, kentia palm, schefflera, dracaena, and rubber plants. The options are endless!