West Facing Indoor Plants – Caring For West Facing Window Houseplants

west facing
west facing
(Image credit: Tetiana Garkusha)

If you have plants that require brighter light, a west-facing window is a great option for your houseplants. Western windows, in general, provide brighter light than eastern-facing windows, but less than southern. There are many choices for houseplants for west windows, but keep in mind that these windows will get afternoon sun which can get quite hot.

In addition, if you have plants that don’t like too much direct sun, you can easily diffuse the light in your western window by drawing a sheer curtain. In this way, it can be a very versatile window because you can grow a wider variety of plants.

Houseplants for West Windows

There are many great plants for west window light that will enjoy the afternoon direct sun and warmer temperatures. 

  • JadeJade plants are great options because they will thrive in the higher light provided in this exposure. Allow your plants to dry out before watering again thoroughly. 
  • Kalanchoe – There are many types of Kalanchoe that will thrive in a western window. Some of them will even flower. Kalanchoes, like jades, are succulents, so standard succulent care is appropriate.
  • AloeAloes are also wonderful succulents for this exposure. They have the added benefit of being useful for the gel that they produce in their leaves – great for skin burns. 
  • Croton – Many varieties of croton are available and they need high light in order to really bring out the stunning color of their foliage. 
  • Cacti/Succulents – Many cacti and other succulents such as lithops, agave, and hens and chicks (Sempervivum) will thrive in this exposure. 

Flowering plants such as geraniums are very happy as west-facing indoor plants. Just be sure to allow the soil to dry out a bit before watering again. Many taller and dramatic indoor plants such as bird of paradise and avocado trees will also be happy in western exposures. 

Caring for West-Facing Indoor Plants

Although there are many plants for west window light, you should keep an eye on your plants for any potential burning. If you notice any burning on the foliage, try either moving the plants a little further back or using a sheer curtain to diffuse the light. By using a curtain to diffuse the light, you would be able to grow a wider variety of plants if you don’t want to place sun-loving plants in this window exposure. 

If you choose to diffuse the light with a sheer curtain, you can then end up growing plants that normally tend to like eastern windows better. These include plants that don’t like much direct sun, including ferns and fittonias