Will Plants Survive In Cars – Using Your Car For Plant Growing

carplant e1559653655661
carplant e1559653655661
(Image credit: Gardening Know How, via Liz Baessler)

Have you ever wondered if growing plants in a car is possible? The answer is definitely yes, if you follow a few simple guidelines. Plants can beautify your car, provide a more pleasant environment, and also purify the air inside your car. So, let's get to it and see how you can start using your car for plant growing!

Will Plants Survive in Cars?

Plants in a vehicle can definitely survive if you are aware of a few simple things:

During summer months, your car can get too hot. One thing that you can do to control this is to keep your windows cracked and avoid parking your car in areas that get a lot of sun. Likewise, your car can get too cold during the winter. You may need to bring your plants indoors or choose a plant that will survive the colder conditions. Monitor the weather forecast closely to check for extremes in temperatures. Consider putting a thermometer in the vehicle.

Make sure to locate your plant in a stable location inside the car. You don't want your plants to shift around while you are driving and have water or soil spilled all over your car. A cup holder would be a great secure location.

Types of Plants in a Vehicle

As long as you are aware of the temperature and lighting requirements of your plants, there are actually a variety of plants that you can grow in a car:

  • Scented geraniums can be a wonderful plant to grow in a car! The scented leaves will be an all-natural air freshener. Why use artificial air fresheners that pollute the air inside your car, when you can use a scented geranium to add a lovely scent to your vehicle?
  • Lucky bamboo can be grown in water, so you can place a couple lucky bamboo canes in a vessel of water in your cup holder. Just be careful to monitor the water level so it doesn’t get too low.
  • Snake plants are another wonderful option. These are tough plants and they don't mind a bit of neglect. Snake plants tolerate a wide range of light conditions and do well with having their soil dry out.
  • Pothos can easily be grown in water or in soil, so you can choose whatever best suits you. Pothos are quick growing plants with a vining habit.
  • Germinating tropical edibles such as turmeric, ginger, or sweet potatoes can be very quick and easy as a result of higher temperatures inside your car. You can either place these in a shallow dish of water, or potted directly into soil.
  • A number of succulents will also thrive in heat and drought-like conditions. Think hens and chicks or echeveria.

The sky is the limit, and so is your imagination! As unusual as it may sound, not only can plants survive in cars, but they might actually thrive with a little attention.