Mikania Plush Vine Care: Tips For Growing Plush Vine Houseplants

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(Image credit: KarlGercens.com (used with permission))

Mikania houseplants, otherwise known as plush vines, are relative newcomers to the indoor gardening world. The plants were introduced in the 1980s and have since become a favorite because of their unusual, good looks. Let's learn more about Mikania plush vine care in the home.

Mikania Plant Info

This bushy vine (Mikania ternata) is a showy wonder, having leaves that are green with a rich, purple tint and fuzzy hairs that make it look like plush velvet. Growing mikania plush vine can be tricky until you give it the right conditions. Mikania houseplants have their own requirements and only do well if you pay attention to them. Once you learn how to grow mikania plush vine plants, you can add another bit of color to your indoor gardening.

Tips for Growing Mikania Plush Vine Houseplants

Mikania plush vine care can be narrowed down to two important ingredients: water and light. All the important Mikania plant info can be put into these two categories. As long as you give the mikania plush vine enough light, but not too much, and do the same with moisture, you'll have a lush and vibrant plant that fills the pot and spills over in an attractive fall.


The mikania plush vine needs constant moisture, but you can't allow the roots to sit in water without the danger of root rot. Begin with the soil for the best water retention. Use an African violet soil mix for the correct amount of drainage. Water the plant when the surface of the soil becomes dry, but always water the soil and not the plant itself. Avoid getting water on the leaves, especially if it will be near sunlight, as this could burn the leaves. Mikania likes moderate amounts of humidity. If your home is dry, place the planter on top of a bowl filled with stones and water to raise humidity. This will also hold the plant above the water while allowing it to evaporate into the immediate area. For more than one mikania plush vine, a room humidifier can be an easier method.


Mikania likes bright light, but not direct sunlight. Place the planter behind a sheer curtain that filters some of the brightest light or pull the plant away from the window to a bright spot in the middle of the room. Mikania plush vine can stand a few hours of direct sunlight but will get burnt if you leave it in a window all day long.