Fixing A Wilted Fittonia Plant: What To Do For Droopy Fittonias

wilting fittonia
wilting fittonia
(Image credit: Gardening Know How, via Nikki Tilley)

Fittonia, commonly called the nerve plant, is a beautiful houseplant with striking contrasting veins running through the leaves. It is native to rainforests, so it is used to warm and moist environments. It will do well in temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees F. (16-29 C.), so it is well suited to indoor conditions.

One problem that people often see, however, is droopy Fittonias. If you have ever owned one, you know that a wilted Fittonia plant is a common issue! If your Fittonia is wilting, it can be caused by a few different things. Keep reading to determine which cause you may be dealing with and how you can fix it.

Why Fittonia is Wilting

Overwatering can cause yellowing and discolored leaves, as well as wilting. When you notice wilting Fittonia plants, check the soil with your finger. Is the soil still wet? If so, chances are that it has stayed too wet for too long. Never let your Fittonia sit in water. Always discard excess water.

Wilting Fittonia plants can also occur if the soil is too dry, and this is one of the most common reasons for wilted, droopy looking plants. When you notice your plant wilting, again, check the soil with your finger. Is it very dry? When you pick up the plant, is it light? If you’ve answered yes, then your plant has gone too dry. Water your Fittonia immediately. Thoroughly soak the soil. If the soil is very dry, you may need to water it a few times to moisten the potting media sufficiently. In a short time, your plant will recover.

If you’ve determined that your soil moisture is correct (not too wet and not too dry) but your plant is still wilting, you can try misting your Fittonia. These plants are accustomed to having their leaves wet at the bottom of the rainforest floor, so try and mist your plants once or twice a day. You can also set your plant on top of moist pebbles in order to increase the humidity around your plant, or get a humidifier. 

Now you know exactly what to do if you see a Fittonia with wilting leaves.