Peace Lily Propagation: Learn About Peace Lily Plant Division

To get more of your favorite indoor plant, learn how to propagate a peace lily. It’s an easy process, and who doesn’t like a free houseplant?

Uprooted Peace Lily Plant
peace lily division
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How To Propagate Peace Lily Plants: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Propagate Peace Lily Plants: Step-By-Step Guide

How to propagate a peace lily requires a little knowledge and a desire for more of its deep green beauty in the house. Peace lily houseplants are easy to maintain, don’t require much light, and will reliably bloom year-round. A healthy one will, of course, grow and eventually need to be repotted, which is a great time to try propagating a peace lily. 

Peace lily propagation is accomplished by division. Splitting a peace lily will not only get you some free new plants but will allow you to keep the pot size down to a manageable level. Not sure how to go about dividing a peace lily? Keep reading to learn when and how to propagate peace lily. 

When to Propagate Peace Lilies

You can divide peace lilies any time of the year although winter or early spring are ideal when the plant is semi-dormant

Best Way to Propagate a Peace Lily

To access the roots of the plant you will need to remove it from its pot, which means repotting and dividing peace lilies go hand in hand. You will already have removed the plant from its container so splitting it up into new plants at this time makes sense. 

How to Divide a Peace Lily

Dividing a peace lily couldn’t be simpler. First, water the plant the day before you plan to divide it. This will allow the plant’s roots to swell and make its removal from the soil easier. 

Remove the plant from its container. Because this is a messy project, I either lay newspaper or a tarp down or go outside. Lay the plant on its side, then gently pull the roots apart with your hands, separating them into smaller plants (propagules). Make sure each propagule has a leaf, stem, and root. 

If you forgot to water the day before and/or your plant is heavily root-bound, you may need a sharp knife to go around the container and to cut through the root ball. Don’t panic if you break or cut through some roots. As long as each propagule has some healthy roots, it will be okay. Plant the new babies in smallish pots since the peace lily doesn’t mind being a bit rootbound.

Replant the new propagules in containers with drainage holes in rich, good-quality potting soil. Water the new plants to remove any air pockets, then place them in an area of bright, indirect light out of drafts. Keep the propagules moist but don’t overwater. Follow the general rules for peace lily care and enjoy as many new plants as you can glean. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Grow a Peace Lily From a Cutting?

No, peace lilies do not grow from cuttings. The best way to propagate them is through division. 

Do Peace Lilies Grow Better in Water or Soil?

You can grow peace lily divisions in water for a while, but sooner rather than later they will need the extra nutrients provided by soil. 

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