Tree Philodendron Houseplants: How To Grow A Tree Philodendron Plant

Outdoor Tree Philodendron Plant
tree philodendron
(Image credit: Forest and Kim Starr)

Tree philodendron houseplants are long-lived plants that need only the simplest of care. In fact, too much TLC might make them grow so large you’re unable to move them indoors for the winter. Learn about tree philodendron care in this article.

About Tree Philodendron Houseplants

It should be noted that the plant, until recently, was classified as Philodendron selloum, but is now reclassified as P. bipinnatifidum. This Brazilian native has a stem that appears as a woody trunk when the plant is older, hence the common name, and may reach 15 feet (4.5 m.) in height and 10 feet (3 m.) across in maturity. If you’re in warmer zones and able to leave your tree philodendron houseplants in the same spot year-round, by all means, repot and fertilize to increase its size. Tree philodendron care advises repotting into a larger container in late winter or early spring. If you want to keep the tree in its current pot, leave it alone, and it can only grow so large. If you have plenty of room and someone to help you lift the tree as it gets older (and bigger), go up a size on the container. This interesting specimen may flower in maturity if grown outdoors. Flowers are enclosed in a spathe and create heat to attract pollinators. Flower temperatures rise to 114 degrees F. (45 C.) to draw the scarab beetle. Flowers last for a two day period and generally bloom in sets of two to three blooms during that time. Plants don’t bloom until they’re 15 or 16 years old. Pups, baby plantlets, sometimes grow at the base of the older plant. Remove these with sharp pruners and plant into small containers to start new plants.

How to Grow a Tree Philodendron

Growing requirements for Philodendron selloum include a full to part sun location for the plant. If possible, put it in the morning sun to prevent sunscald on the large, beautiful leaves. Providing afternoon shade is likely to help avoid such burns on this easy-to-grow plant. If leaves have gotten a bit too much sun and have burned spots or browning tips on them, some Philodendron selloum pruning may help to remove such damage. Additional pruning of this tree philodendron may keep it sized down if it appears to be outgrowing its space. Learning how to grow a tree philodendron is simple. Plant in fertile, well-draining houseplant soil and water as soil begins to dry out. Those located outside in the sunshine grow best, but this plant lives happily indoors as well. Keep it in bright light and provide humidity with a pebble tray, humidifier, or using a mister. Don’t allow it in temperatures that fall to below 55 degrees F. (13 C.).

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