Does A Spider Plant Flower: My Spider Plant Is Growing Flowers

Flowering Spider Plant
spider plant flower
(Image credit: Alexandra Draghici)

Your spider plant has happily grown for years, seeming to like the neglect and being forgotten about. Then one day little white petals on your spider plant catch your eye. Bewildered, you wonder, “Is my spider plant growing flowers?” Spider plants do bloom sometimes. Read on to learn more.

Does a Spider Plant Flower?

Spider plants do occasionally develop small white flowers at the ends of their long arching stems. Many times these flowers are so short lived and inconspicuous that they go completely unnoticed. Flowers on spider plants can grow in a cluster or can be single, depending on the variety of spider plant. Spider plant flowers are very small and white, with three-six petals.

My Spider Plant is Growing Flowers

Sometimes, certain varieties of spider plants will send out frequent flowers as a young plant but then never flower again as the plant matures. However, most spider plants won't flower until they are mature and slightly pot bound. If your spider plant is not sending out flowers and plantlets, it could be due to too much sunlight or not enough sunlight. Spider plants prefer bright, but indirect light

Spider plants also need lighting that changes with the seasons, such as more light in summer and less light in winter. It's also a good idea to rotate hanging spider plants occasionally to give them even light for even growth. Spider plant flowers also may not develop if the spider plant is over fertilized. 

You may get very bushy green plants from too much fertilizer, but no flowers or plantlets. Use only a low dose fertilizer on spider plants, like a 4-4-4 or 2-4-4. If you really want spider plant flowers, you can also try a bloom boosting fertilizer in spring. If you’re lucky enough to have a blooming spider plant, then enjoy them. You can even collect seeds from the spent flowers once the green pods have turned brown.

Darcy Larum