Three Mushrooms Growing On Lawn
awn mushrooms
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Lawn mushrooms are a common landscaping problem. For many people who pride themselves on having nice looking grass, discovering mushrooms in lawn can be frustrating. But the problem of mushrooms growing in the lawn can be easily fixed if you know how.

What Causes Mushrooms to Grow on a Lawn?

The first thing to understand is what causes mushrooms to grow on a lawn. Lawn mushrooms are a fungus, and this fungus has the job of helping to breakdown decaying organic material. Unfortunately, in the average yard, there are plenty of sources of decaying organic material. Animal waste, old mulch and grass clippings can all spread and feed lawn mushrooms.

Why are Mushrooms Growing on My Lawn?

The next thing to look at: Why are mushrooms growing on my lawn? Examine the state of your lawn. Lawn mushrooms like damp, shaded and organic waste rich environments. Is it possible that you have a drainage problem which contributes to the lawn mushroom problem? Do you have organic waste that should be removed? Are there areas of your yard that are very shady?

Eliminate Mushrooms in Lawn

To eliminate mushrooms in the lawn, you need to correct the problems that you have in your yard. If the lawn is too wet, are there things you can to reduce the moisture. Raking your grass clippings, dethatching your lawn or replacing old mulch will help to reduce the decaying organic material that encourages mushrooms growing in lawn. If your yard is too shady, see if some prudent and targeted pruning or thinning of surrounding trees can help to send more light into your yard. You can also treat your lawn with a fungicide, but if you do not address the issues that cause mushrooms to grow in your lawn, chances are that the mushrooms will just come back.

You Can Leave Mushrooms Growing in the Lawn

While mushrooms in the lawn may look unsightly, they are actually beneficial to the lawn. The extensive root system of lawn mushrooms help the soil retain water and lawn mushrooms also help to break down organic materials, which help add nutrients to the lawn. Once you have answered the question of why are mushrooms growing on my lawn, you can make the decision as to whether or not to eliminate mushrooms in lawn.

Heather Rhoades
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