Heather Rhoades

Heather Rhoades

Founder of Gardening Know How

Heather Rhoades is the founder of Gardening Know How. She holds degrees from Cleveland State University and Northern Kentucky University. She has worked in several high-level internet marketing positions. In 2007 she took a risk and founded Gardening Know How, bolstering it with her expertise in marketing and SEO. The risk has proved to pay off, with Gardening Know How ranking as one of top gardening websites in the world.

An avid gardener, Heather has spent many decades growing in central Ohio, and is a recipient of the Master Gardeners of Ohio Lifetime Achievement Award.

She is a fierce proponent of community and school gardening, and in 2016 began the Gardening Know How Community Gardening Grant Program. To date this program has provided much needed financial support and awareness to over one-hundred gardening programs across North America. The program has also expanded to include the very successful Community Gardening for Everyone series.

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