Dinnerplate Dahlia Flowers: Growing Dinnerplate Dahlia Plants In The Garden

dinnerplate dahlia
dinnerplate dahlia
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How big are dinnerplate dahlias? The name says it all; these are dahlias that produce huge blooms of up to 12 inches (31 cm.) across. Like other dahlias, these flowers bloom consistently for weeks and add beautiful color to beds. They are also great for cutting and making stunning floral arrangements.

What are Dinnerplate Dahlias?

The dinnerplate dahlia (also spelled dinner plate) is simply a variety of dahlia that produces big, plate-sized blooms. You can find them in a range of colors and forms, and they are essentially just larger versions of the many varieties of dahlia. Dahlias are already spectacular and showy flowers, so adding dinnerplate varieties to your beds adds even more drama. Dahlias offer a greater range of color and form than most other flower types, so if you want some dinnerplate blooms in your garden, you have a lot of options. Some examples of spectacular dinnerplate dahlia flowers include:

  • American Dream’ – This variety produces large pink double blooms with darker pink stripes.
  • Babylon Bronze’ – This one is also a double bloom, but it comes in a stunning pale orange color.
  • Taihejo’ – ‘Taihejo’ flowers are streaked with pink and white and have petals that are twisted.
  • Café au Lait’ – This subtle stunner produces creamy white to peach flowers.
  • Contraste’ – ‘Contraste’ flowers are deep red with white at the tip of each petal.

Growing Dinnerplate Dahlias

Dinnerplate dahlia care is just about the same as caring for any type of dahlia. Since the blooms are so large, though, staking and support may be more important with these varieties. Watch your flowers and use stakes or some other type of support if they start to lean or flop over. Whether you’re starting from seed or transplants, don’t put your flowers outside until you are sure there will be no more frosts. To get the biggest blooms from your dinnerplate varieties, choose a sunny spot with rich soil that drains well. Soggy soil will stunt their growth. These plants grow tall, up to four feet (1 m.), so also choose a site where they won’t overshadow other plants. Your soil for growing dahlias should be rich, but these flowers will also respond well to regular fertilizing. Use a typical flower fertilizer about twice a month. Water your dahlias if they are not getting about an inch (2.5 cm.) of rainfall per week. Deadhead the spent blooms as they expire and you will enjoy dinnerplate dahlias from midsummer through the fall.

Mary Ellen Ellis

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