Information About Daylilies

Daylily Companion Plants – Learn What To Plant With Daylily

Daylilies are especially popular mixed in with other flowers, and the key to finding the best daylily companion plants is deciding which colors and heights work best for an overall effect. Learn more in this article.

Daylily Weed Control: Tips For Controlling Daylilies In The Garden

The orange flowers of the common daylily brighten up ditches, old farmsteads and gardens across the country, but did you know they can be invasive? Read this article for tips on controlling daylilies.

What Is Scape Blasting – Learn About Daylily Bud Blast And Scape Blast Treatment

While daylilies are normally free of problems, many varieties are actually prone to scape blast. So exactly what is scape blasting? Learn more about daylily scape blast and what can be done about it here.

Caring For Daylilies: How To Grow Daylilies

While their beautiful flowers last only one day, daylilies make a welcome addition to any garden. Caring for daylilies is so easy and hardy, that some seem to even thrive on neglect! Click here for more.