Planting And Care Of Hyacinths

Planting And Care Of Hyacinths

By: Heather Rhoades
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Planting hyacinths in your garden is a way to ensure that the intoxicating smell of hyacinth will fill your spring time garden. Proper care of hyacinths will help to keep lovely hyacinths flowers growing for several years.

Planting Hyacinth Flower Advice for Outdoors

Hyacinths should be planted in early fall. This way, they have enough time to grow an abundant group of roots before winter.

You should pick a spot that has full sun to the north and light shade to the south. You should use rich, moist, well-drained soil. Prepare your soil well using plenty of organic material, making sure to mix a complete fertilizer with the soil. Plant the bulbs flat side down, about 8 inches deep. Make sure to space them 2 to 3 inches apart.

Care for Hyacinth Plants Outdoors

If you live in an area with severe winter and spring frosts where the ground freezes, as part of proper care of hyacinths you will want to mulch the bulbs for protection.

Some additional hyacinth flower advice is that as your hyacinth plant bulbs poke out of the soil and start to grow, some of them might need stakes –particularly double hyacinths, which can be top heavy.

After hyacinth flowers start fading, cut the flower stalks. Leave the foliage until the plant has completely died. Season after season, your hyacinths should do great. Even with all the right care of hyacinths, don’t be surprised if the hyacinth plant stalks look a little looser as each year goes by. This is normal for hyacinths flowers growing outdoors.

Hyacinths Flowers Growing Indoors

Reserve a few bulbs for forcing. This way you can also enjoy having hyacinths indoors. Forcing hyacinths is easy if you use a special bulb glass that supports the bulb as it roots in water. You can also care for hyacinth plants indoors in containers. A hyacinth plant will also do well in containers so long as you can plant them deep enough.

Here are the steps to follow to force hyacinths:

  1. Cool the bulbs for 8 to 10 weeks in the refrigerator if you don’t buy pre-chilled bulbs.
  2. Set the bulbs one to a bulb glass with the pointed side up so the water just touches the bottom of the bulb. Keep each bulb in a cool, dark place until you see a mass of roots floating in the water and a 3- to 4-inch shoot with the flower bud coming out of the center.
  3. When the shoot appears, move the bulb to a sunny location and watch the water level being sure it is maintained.

In a few weeks you will have a beautiful flower to enjoy. Because the hyacinth plant bulb uses up all its energy during the forcing process, you can simply discard the bulb after the blooms fade.

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