Lily Flowered Tulip Info: Growing Tulips With Lily-Like Blooms

Lily Flowered Tulips
lily flowered tulip
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Tulips are brilliantly colored harbingers of spring. They can vary greatly in not only color, but also size, form, and bloom time. For instance, if you want a later blooming tulip, try growing some lily flowered tulip varieties. What are lily flowered tulips? As the name suggests, they are tulips with lily-like blooms. Read on to learn more lily flowered tulip info.

What are Lily Flowered Tulips?

There are over 3,000 registered varieties of tulips that are divided into 15 categories based on bloom time, flower type, and size. Lily flowered tulips fall into division 6.

Of the lily flowered tulip varieties, most bloom in the late spring, although a few blossom in midspring. They have long, slender stems atop which perch lily-like flowers.

The goblet shaped blooms have pointed outward arching petals that come in a variety of hues from white to pink, red, yellow, and even purple. Some cultivars have feathered or edged petals with contrasting colors. They grow to about 20 to 30 inches (51-76 cm.) in height. The lovely blossoms are particularly long lasting and make excellent cut flowers.

Additional Lily Flowered Tulip Info

When growing lily flowered tulips, bulbs should be planted in the fall. Plant the bulbs in an area of full sun in fertile, well-draining soil in regions with cool winters and dry summers. Since the stems of lily tulips are so fragile, plant them in an area that is protected from winds. Lily flowered tulips can be grown in USDA zones 4 to 7.

For best effect, plant lily flowered tulips in grouping of about 10 to 15 bulbs. They look beautiful amongst other later spring bloomers in the garden, on their own in containers, or even indoors as a forced bulb for winter blooming.

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