Find U.S. Growing Zones On The USDA Planting Zone Map

Find U.S. Growing Zones On The USDA Planting Zone Map

By: Gardening Know How
Understanding the USDA planting zones you live in can mean the difference between success and failure in your garden. Planting plants, vegetables and flowers that are appropriate for your US growing zone will make sure that your garden is happy and healthy year after year.

What Planting Zone Do I Live In?

Below is the USDA planting zones map, also known as the USDA Hardiness Zone map. Answering the question “How do I go about finding my hardiness zone?” is as easy as locating where you live on the map. To see a larger map of the US growing zones for each state, click on the state you live in in the list located below this map.

Hardiness Zone Map provided courtesy of The National Arbor Day Foundation. Go to for trees for planting in your area.

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