Succulent Planting Time: When To Plant Succulents In Different Areas

succulent planting
succulent planting
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As many gardeners turn to low-maintenance succulent plants as part of the outdoor garden design, we might be wondering about the ideal cacti and succulent planting time in our area. Maybe we’re adding new succulent plants to our indoor collection and are curious about when is the best succulent planting time. We’ll answer your question of “when do I plant succulents” and add some tips on keeping your new plantings healthy and happy in this article.

Succulent Planting Time Info

Regardless of the appropriate planting time for your area, never leave a just purchased succulent in a pot of soggy soil. Home improvement and big box stores often soak containers to this point, and it can be deadly for the succulent plant. If this happens to you, unpot and gently remove all the wet soil you can and then let the roots dry out for a few days. Repot the plant into dry cactus soil and wait a week or two before watering. If you’re deciding when to plant succulents in different areas of the landscape, consider the conditions. If you’ve bought a plant that was greenhouse grown, don’t plant immediately into a full sun spot. Acclimate the plant gradually to full sun, starting with a couple of hours per day. Increase the time slowly. Some succulents get sunburned leaves from prolonged exposure.

Planting Times When Growing Succulents in Different Climates

Never plant succulents on hot, sunny days. Do it in the evening and, when possible, wait for a cool overcast day to do your outdoor planting. Even though succulents can live in the hot sun and extreme heat, they prefer being planted in gentler weather. If you’re in an area with warm temperatures year round and sizzling heat in the summer, plant succulents in late winter to early spring. Make sure you plant into soil with amended drainage. If you will be growing succulents in different climates, such as those with below freezing winters, make sure nighttime temps are above the 45 degrees F. (7 C.) range before planting outside. Many of these plants are cold hardy, such as sempervivums and sedums, and can exist in much lower temperatures. However, they will establish a good, healthy root system more quickly when planted in warmer temps. Early spring is the perfect time to plant in many areas, as most succulents are beginning their spring period of growth. This is also an appropriate time for planting those that will remain indoors. Research your plants and pay attention to the area where you plant your succulent or cactus, making sure it is close to what your plant needs. You’ll be rewarded with growth and beauty in the garden and indoors.

Becca Badgett

Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.