Information About Asters

When Do Asters Flower: What To Do If Aster Plants Don’t Bloom

Asters brighten the garden with their bright, happy blooms. But what can you do when there just aren’t any fireworks anymore? Click on the following article to learn all about getting your asters back on track, and how to deal with an aster with no flowers.

Aster Plant Diseases And Pests: Managing Common Problems With Asters

Asters are tough, easy to grow flowers that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That makes it especially hard when something goes wrong with them. Learn more about common aster pests and other difficulties in this article.

What Is Sky Blue Aster – How To Grow Sky Blue Aster Plants

Sky Blue asters are North American natives that produce brilliant azure-blue, daisy-like flowers from late summer until the first serious frost. Wondering about growing a Sky Blue aster in your garden? Click here to learn the basics.

Aster Plant Uses – Learn About The Edibility Of Aster Flowers

Asters are prized primarily for their late season beauty in a landscape that has begun to wither and dieback prior to winter, but there are other uses for aster plants. Click on the article that follows to learn more about the edibility of aster flowers.

How To Divide Asters – Tips For Spitting Aster Plants In The Garden

Like many perennials, asters benefit from division. One of the things division does is stimulate new roots that will form new shoots. The new growth fills in areas that were becoming sparse, a common complaint in asters that have not been separated. Learn more here.

Growing Plants With Asters: A Guide To Aster Companion Plants

Asters are a gardener’s fall delight. These small, star-shaped flowers come in a variety of colors and are easy to grow perennials. To maximize the effect of your autumn garden, be sure you know the best plants to grow with asters as companions. This article will help.

Aster Seed Sowing – How And When To Plant Aster Seeds

You can find potted aster plants at many garden stores, but growing asters from seed is easy and less expensive. Plus, if you grow from seed, you can choose from endless varieties instead of just whatever is available at the garden center. Learn more here.

Should I Plant Aster – Tips On Controlling Aster Plants In Gardens

Most asters are welcome in the garden, but some species are pests that spread aggressively in certain conditions. Click on the article that follows for more information about troublesome aster plants in gardens and how to manage them.

Aster Propagation: How To Propagate Aster Plants

You may have seen an aster variety in a friend’s garden, or you may wish to multiply asters you already have in your garden. Fortunately, aster propagation is not difficult. If you’re looking for information on how and when to propagate asters, this article is for you.

Aster Plant Varieties – Learn About Different Types Of Aster

Aster plant varieties offer variety of blooms, colors and sizes. How many kinds of aster are there? There are many different types of Aster from which to choose, most of which thrive in temperate to cool season climates. Click this article to learn more about them.

Tips For Pruning Asters: How To Prune An Aster Plant

Aster plant pruning is a must if you want to keep these perennial flowers healthy and blooming abundantly. Pruning is also useful if you have asters that grow vigorously and are taking over your beds. A few tips on perennial pruning from this article will help.

Aster Care For Containers: How To Grow Asters In Containers

It’s hard to beat asters when it comes to sheer beauty, and growing asters in containers is a cinch as long as you meet all the plant’s growing conditions. What better way to brighten up a deck or patio when most flowers are winding down for the season? Learn more here.

New England Aster Plant Care: How To Grow New England Aster Plants

Looking for a burst of color for your fall garden? The New England aster plant is an easy to care for perennial, blooming from August through October. Read here to learn how to grow New England aster.

Growing Asters – How To Grow Aster Flowers In Your Garden

Aster flowers add color to the autumn landscape while offering beauty with little work. Growing asters often bloom in late summer and fall, but the Alpine aster offers blooms in spring. Get more info in this article.