Companions For Blanket Flowers: Learn About Blanket Flower Companions

Several Gaillardia Flowers
blanket flower companions
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Whether planting a formal flower bed or working to create a carefree wildflower meadow, Gaillardia remains a popular choice for home gardeners. Also known as blanket flower, these plants get their name from the bright, colorful blooms and ability to quickly spread within a growing space.

Planning an ornamental garden that incorporates blanket flowers will be both rewarding and beautiful, as long as some consideration is taken at planting time.

Choosing Companions for Blanket Flowers

Blanket flower can be grown from seed or starter plants can be purchased from local garden centers. Regardless, growers will need to place the flower in a well-draining location that receives full sun. While blanket flower does well when planted alone, more plants to grow with Gaillardias can elevate its appeal and bring in additional pollinators.

When choosing companions for blanket flowers, it will be important to consider several factors. While annual flowers will need to be replaced every year, perennials will help keep future maintenance low.

Companions for blanket flowers should also share similar growing conditions. Gaillardia is a drought tolerant plant which is able to thrive in soil with low fertility. This aspect makes it an ideal candidate for less desirable planting areas in the yard. Other wildflowers with the same qualities are among the best plants to grow with Gaillardias.

What Plants to Grow with Gaillardias

The selection of blanket flower companion plants will also depend upon bloom time. Gaillardia plants have a long bloom period, often flowering from early summer into fall. While some blanket flower companion plants may also have extended periods of bloom, growers may want to consider plants with several different bloom windows in order to maintain visual interest throughout the entire season.

With their tall, wiry stems and red yellow blooms, the choices of companion plants for blanket flowers are limitless. Among the most popular combinations are:

While plants like coreopsis provide complementary color and shape, those such as daylily offer reliable and consistent bloom times. By carefully weighing and researching each option, growers are able to better select flower companions which best suit the overall design of their growing space.

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has transformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel