Types Of Calendula Flowers – Learn About Popular Calendula Cultivars And Species

calendula variety
calendula variety
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Calendulas are a cinch to grow, and the bright colors add pizzazz to the garden from late spring to early fall. The hardest part of growing this prolific annual is choosing from more than 100 different types of calendulas. Read on for specific info on several of the most popular calendula cultivars.

Different Calendula Plants

Below are some of the more popular varieties of calendula that make great additions to the garden. Radio Extra: Tall plant with unique, cactus-like blooms of bright orange; one of the most unusual types of calendulas. Pink Surprise: Ruffled gold and yellow flowers, some with pink edges and dark apricot centers. A few blooms in the bunch may be true pink with gold highlights. Touch of Red: A mixture in shades of orange and red, all with red-tipped petals and mahogany red undersides. Neon: Double flowers in a variety of bold, bright colors. Greenheart Orange: Orange petals surrounding large, lime green centers make this plant very different from typical calendula cultivars. Tangerine Cream: Double, bi-color blooms of bright orange and cream. Bronzed Beauty: Cream and coppery peach flowers growing on tall stems. Citrus Cocktail: Compact, miniature plants with yellow and orange flowers, a good choice for containers. Sherbet Fizz: Buff-colored flowers with deep red undersides and red-tipped petals. Dwarf Gem: Compact plant with double blooms of orange, yellow, and apricot. Fruit Twist: Mix of single, double, and semi-double flowers in cheerful shades of bright yellow and orange. Golden Princess: Bright blooms with contrasting black centers.

Common Series Calendula Varieties

Bonbon: Early-blooming plant with small blooms of orange and yellow. Dwarf calendula varieties like this series are ideal for containers. Calypso: Double blooms growing on dense, compact plants that are perfect for containers. Colors are yellow and orange with dark centers. Pacific Beauty: Heat-tolerant plants with orange and yellow blooms atop tall, sturdy stems. Flashback: Colorful blend of stunning bicolors and tricolors in shades of peach, apricot, yellow, and cream. Kablouna: Yellow and orange blooms with distinctive, tufted centers; very mildew resistant. Prince: Tall, heat-tolerant plant with orange and yellow blooms.

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