Novice Container Gardening Tips

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With container gardening, you don't have to live in the country to enjoy getting your fingers dirty and growing something in the soil. Even people who live in metropolitan areas can surround themselves with bright splashes of floral color and taste the fruits of their own labor. Let's learn more about how to garden in containers.

Novice Container Gardening

Container gardens are popping up everywhere from nostalgic window boxes to balcony terraces. Container gardening is a great way for apartment dwellers to still be able to enjoy nature in a smaller setting. Novices to container gardening should keep a few basic tips in mind, however, to guarantee success.

Container Gardening Tips

The container you choose does not need to be anything fancy or expensive. You don't even have to buy it at a gardening store. The basic rule for container gardening is that whatever you select should have good drainage. If the container you choose does not already have pre-installed holes, you can easily install them yourself. Simply drill holes that are about half an inch (1.5 cm.) in diameter. Keep in mind that plants for container gardening depend totally on you for care. You will need to keep them frequently watered, fed, and taken in out of the elements. Water requirements are especially important with container gardening. During summer months, your containers may need watering twice a day. Additionally, you will need to pay special attention to containers made from clay and other unglazed pottery. Porous containers tend to dry out more easily than other materials. Without careful attention, your container garden can be in critical condition before you even know it. Almost any kind of plant is suitable for container gardening; the depth of the root length, however, will determine how large a container is required. Plants for container gardening that will extend to long root depths, such as trees, will need deeper containers, whereas shorter root length plants will do fine with more shallow containers. Adequate sunlight is essential to any successful garden, and container gardening is no different. Keep in mind you may need to move your plants from one location to another in order to follow the path of sunlight. It may be beneficial for you to place heavier containers on castors in order to facilitate moving more easily. Mixing and matching plants for the purpose of container gardening is quite popular and can produce glorious results. When selecting plants to place together in your container, however, keep annuals and more permanent plants separated. Learning how to garden in containers doesn't have to be hard. By following these simple container gardening tips along with a little tender loving care, you can be well on your way to having the container garden of your dreams.

Jan Richardson

Jan Richardson is a guest writer for Gardening Know How specializing in beginner gardening tips.