Chrysanthemum Varieties – What Are Some Different Types Of Mums

Green Chrysanthemums
green blooms
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Gardeners delight in hundreds of different types of chrysanthemums, often classified by criteria such as bloom time, shape, color, size, and arrangement of petals. To simplify the process for home gardeners, plants are often divided into eight distinct chrysanthemum plant types.

Types of Chrysanthemums

Single – Single chrysanthemums, one of the most common varieties of mums, are distinguished by a flat center and up to five radiating rows of long, daisy-like petals. The leaves, which are lobed or toothed, have a distinct aroma when crushed. Examples include Amber Morning, Daisy, and Tenderness. Pompom – Of all the different types of mums, pompom mums are among the smallest and the cutest. Pompom mums produce several colorful little globe-like blooms per stem. The tiniest pompom mums are called button mums. Examples include Moonbeam and Pixie. Button mums include Small Wonder and Baby Tears. Cushion – Chrysanthemum varieties include hardy cushion mums, which are bushy, low growing plants that produce masses of midsized blooms. Examples include Chiffon, Valour, and Ruby Mound. Anemone – Anemone mums display a raised center surrounded by shorter, darker petals that contrast with the radiating daisy-like petals. They aren’t always offered at garden centers but are often available at specialty nurseries. Examples include Mansetta Sunset and Daybreak. Spider – Appropriately named for their long, curling petals that look like spiders sitting on top of stems, spider mums are one of the more unusual chrysanthemum plant types. Examples include Anastasia and Cremon. Spoon – As the name suggests, spoon mums are easy to spot by the long, spoon-like petals that radiate from the center. Examples include Starlet and Happy Face. Quill – Quill mums display long, straight, tube-shaped petals. This type requires a bit of extra care and may not survive cold temperatures. It is often grown as an annual. Examples include Matchsticks and Muted Sunshine. Decorative – This type consists of short plants and big, showy blooms with several rows of full, curved petals. Examples include Tobago and Indian Summer.

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