DIY Pink Flower Bouquet: Types Of Pink Flowers For Cut Flower Arrangements

DIY Pink Flower Bouquet
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Growing a cutting garden is a great way to introduce color and texture into the backyard. While floral-forward gardens will produce armloads of fresh flowers for you, they are also highly attractive to pollinators and beneficial insects. In terms of size, shape, and color; the options are nearly limitless. Pink flowers, in particular, are among the most popular blooms used in the creation of flower arrangements and centerpieces. Below, we have detailed some of our favorite types of pink flowers. 

10 Flowers for a Pink Bouquet

1. Chantilly Pink Snapdragon - These snapdragons' beautiful pink blooms have a brilliant open flower form that makes them appear much different than those with the more traditional snapdragon shape. Chantilly blooms also look quite lovely when used in pink flower centerpieces due to their large flower spikes. 

2. Jersey Beauty Dahlia - Considered to be one of only a few heirloom varieties of dahlia, dating back to the 1920s, this cultivar produces large bright pink blooms that look stunning when used in pink bouquets. 

3. Sarah Bernhardt Peony - Among the most popular varieties of peony of all time, Sarah Bernhardt can be used as a focal flower in arrangements or in single variety pink bouquets. Blooms are also highly fragrant. 

4. Champion Pink Campanula - Performing as a biennial flower in most gardens, campanula produces bright bell-shaped blooms that are ideal for pink flower centerpieces. 

5. Oklahoma Pink Zinnia - Zinnias are among the most easy to grow types of pink flowers. The Oklahoma series produces fully-double petite blooms that can be used to accent focal flowers.

6. Benarys Giant Bright Pink Zinnia - Benarys Giants zinnias are known for their consistently double, large flowers. Plants produce stems that are exceptionally tall and good for use in cutting gardens. 

7. QIS Pink Gomphrena - Also known as globe amaranth, this variety of gomphrena produces beautiful pink flowers. The unique form and texture of each bloom makes them ideal for use in dried arrangements and wreaths, as well. 

8. Flamingo Feather Celosia - The heat-loving annual celosia flower thrives under even the warmest of growing conditions. Feathered celosia can be used to add needed visual interest to pink bouquets and arrangements. 

9. Mystery Rose Cynoglossum - Cynoglossum can add a much valued light and airy appearance to most any arrangement. Many florists use the flower to compliment greenery and other foliage.

10. Salmon Rose Scabiosa - Blooming in midsummer, scabiosa flowers are named for their unique pincushion shape. In addition to their exceptional vase life, scabiosa flowers are extremely popular with pollinators. 

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has transformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel