10 Bright Pink Perennial Flowers: Perfect Pink Perennials For Every Garden

Bright Perfect Pink Perennial Flowers
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Perennial plants serve many purposes in the landscape. In addition to their ability to offer bright bursts of color and year-round interest, perennial flowers are also an essential resource for pollinators and beneficial insects. Fortunately for gardeners, these useful plants range greatly in size, shape, and growth habit. In terms of color, the choices are nearly limitless. Pink perennial flowers, in particular, are wildly popular. 

Top 10 Pink Perennials

Below, we have outlined some of the most common perennial plants with pink flowers which are often available to landscapers at garden centers and nurseries.

  1. Armeria - Also known as sea thrift, these plants produce small pink perennial flowers arranged in globular structures on delicate stems. Though their foliage seldom reaches more than 12 inches (30 cm.), the plants remain evergreen throughout winter. 
  2. Astilbe - Thriving in shady locations, these pink perennial flowers begin to bloom in summer. Large, bright flower plumes are especially attractive in short border plantings.
  3. Buddleia - Butterfly bush varieties come in a wide range of colors. However, tall pink perennial cultivars can be a beautiful addition to naturalized landscapes and wildflower gardens. Popular pink varieties include Pink Cascade and Pink Delight.
  4. Dianthus - Dianthus are an excellent option for those considering pink perennial flowers that can easily be grown from seed. Varieties such as Cheddar Pink, Cherry Vanilla, and Rosy Cheeks are all good selections. Dianthus flowers are also prized for their dependable bloom and enchanting fragrance. 
  5. Hibiscus - Hibiscus are known for their tropical and exotic appearance. These tall pink perennials feature prominent flowers which are sure to gain attention from passersby. Popular pink varieties of hibiscus include Seminole Pink and Hawaiian Pink.
  6. Milkweed - Milkweed is among the most commonly planted pink perennial flowers for pollinators. Also known as swamp weed, these plants are at home in wildflower borders and in naturalized landscapes. Milkweed may become invasive in some regions; always reference local regulations before planting.
  7. Peonies - These long-lived pink perennial shrubs can thrive in gardens for over 100 years. Each spring, plants produce an abundance of showy blooms. Popular pink varieties of peony include Myrtle Gentry, Bowl of Beauty, and Angel Cheeks.
  8. Phlox - Tall pink perennials like phlox are great for use in the back of flower borders and in cut flower gardens. Small pink perennial flowers are arranged in clusters atop sturdy stems. Though beautiful, phlox may be prone to disease in some regions. Pink varieties include Pink Flame and Bright Eyes.
  9. Sedum - Also known as stonecrop, sedums are a perennial succulent plant. Though the plants can range in size, their texture and color are sure to add dynamic interest to the ornamental garden. For pink flowers, consider the cultivars Crystal Pink and Autumn Joy. 
  10. Yarrow - While some may consider yarrow to be a garden weed, it is quite at home in naturalized wildflower landscapes. White and yellow types are more traditionally seen, but the flowers are also available in pink. The varieties Pink Grapefruit and Island Pink are just a few beautiful examples of pink perennial yarrow.
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